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    Read This: A Millennial explains what it'll take for him to buy a car, any car

    There's more bad news for the auto industry about Millennials – members of the 16-to-34 year old generation really don't want to buy cars and there are lots of them. Dave Mosher, projects editor for Popular Science, looked into a camera for his "rant" and gave five reasons why he and his ...

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    Official: Another study shows young people not so keen on driving

    The automotive industry is getting more evidence that it's time to expand product offerings or switch over to another business. A new study by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) says the "driving boom" is over. While Baby Boomers loved their cars, their kids - aka Gen Y or Millennials - ...

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    Study: Zipcar finds Millennials to be eager target market for sharing cars

    Making a new car that is more fuel efficient than an older model is certainly a good thing, but if that car sits still for 22 hours a day – when it could be used by someone else and thus eliminate the need for another vehicle to be built altogether – then that's even better, right? If ...


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