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    Read This: The history of biofuels goes back 300 years

    While the history of electric vehicles has been getting a lot of play lately, biofuels have quite a story to tell as well. Hemmings Daily just featured a brief history overview that's full of surprises – one is that biofuels date back more than 300 years, well before any real internal ...

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    Video: How EV chargers today are like the gas stations of the past

    In his 97 years, Charlie Yaeger has driven everything from a Ford Model T to a 1916 Baker Electric to a Nissan Maxima. More recently, he can be found behind the wheel of a Nissan Leaf. Since his automotive life mirrors the industry as a whole, Nissan thought it would be worthwhile to offer up a ...

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    Video: Motor Trend suggests Tesla Model S may be most important new car since Ford Model T

    "It may very well be the most important new car since the Model T." That's the summation of the latest video from Motor Trend and its Ignition video series, speaking of the Tesla Model S. Though the buff site had previously released a video featuring a range-testing excursion from LA-to-Vegas ...

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    We Wish. Students design hyper-efficient "Ford Model T for 2015"

    Back in June, Ford asked students at five universities to re-imagine the Model T for the 21st Century. Ford's gotten a bit of mileage out of fanciful updates to the iconic vehicle over the years, and this latest round saw the German team from the ika (Institute of Automotive Engineering Aachen) at ...

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    Ford wonders what a modern-day Model T might be like (hint, it's an EV)

    Photo: KEVIN A. WILSON, AutoweekThink that the SUV and/or CUV craze is a relatively new phenomenon? Peter Horbury, head of design for Ford in the Americas, suggests that the Ford Model T was really a crossover. He has a point, considering that the old-timer sat rather high off the ground (because ...


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