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    Report: EVs popping up where you might not expect
    Mongolia, Seychelles, Nepal All Looking To Go Electric 1404932220

    "New York, London, Paris, Munich," went the 1979 pro-techno hit Pop Muzik. Today, however, the adoption of electric vehicles is going far beyond those major metropolises, all of which have seen a healthy dose of plug-ins. And we think that's a good thing. From the heights of Nepal to the islands ...

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    REPORT: China not hoarding rare earth metals, just wants them to be used in Inner Mongolia

    A coal mine in Mongolia
    Reports of the death of rare earth metals might have been greatly exaggerated. While it remains true that China mines almost all (i.e., more than 95 percent) of the rare earth minerals that are taken out of the earth, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that recent news ...


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