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    Report: Nashville considering Monorail along I-24 to ease traffic congestion

    Fans of The Simpsons will remember a long-ago episode (from 1993, to be exact) where an out-of-town huckster tries to sell the citizens of Springfield on the idea of forking over their money to build a monorail. And there was a bunch of singing involved. Now, Music City could start singing the ...

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    More on the TriTrack, an Auto X-Prize contender, sort of

    Click above for a gallery of TriTrack renderings
    The stated goal of the Automotive X-Prize is to spur the "design [of] viable, clean and super-efficient cars that people want to buy." That's going to take innovation, which is a great thing, though these concepts still need to be realistic. We're ...

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    Monorail + Automobile = MonoMobile

    A couple of Cincinnati-area men believe they may have solved mankind's transportation problems by combining the strengths of an ultralight electric car with those of a monorail. The plan, developed by Jay Andress and Andy Webster, is to use the small electric cars for short distances about town. ...


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