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motor city

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    Official: Zipcar expands carsharing in Detroit with 40 vehicles, mostly from Ford

    Things have taken off for Zipcar in the Motor City. The carsharing leader has gone from offering two cars to 40. Most of these 40 cars will come from one of Detroit's Big Three, Ford Motor Company. Zipcar sees it as a big step forward – bringing carsharing to a "city made by cars and built ...

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    Motor City to become biker friendly with 400 miles of new pathways

    The City of Detroit is about to undertake a massive construction project that will create hundreds of miles of pathways for bicyclists to use through the heart of downtown. The project aims to provide safe travel lanes for commuting cyclists and bikers visiting local attractions and, by linking ...

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    GM: Soon, Detroit will earn its nickname as the Motor City

    2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery
    What's in a name, anyway? Detroit has been known as the Motor City for longer than this blogger has been alive, but is that moniker actually a misnomer? Well, that depends... are you the type that believes motors are driven by electricity ...


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