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    Motorsports: Is Entropy Racing's EVSR going to start a boom in electric racing? [w/video]

    Sure, we're seeing electric racing catch on with the likes of Formula E racing and it promises to be exciting to watch. But what about the rest of us who would like to get behind the wheel of an EV racer, but lack the necessary funds or skills to compete on the global stage? That's where Entropy ...

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    Motorsports: GreenGT H2 rolls on Dunlop tires designed for hydrogen racer

    If you've been waiting awhile to see the GreenGT motorsport race car make it to race tracks, you can wave the flag next year. What started out as a black and white electric racer in 2009 – then got green accents in 2010 and 2011 – has now become the GreenGT H2, a hydrogen fuel ...

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    Official: Honda and Mugen develop widebody twin-turbo V6 CR-Z for racing [w/video]

    Honda has announced that it's working with M-TEC and Team Mugen on a CR-Z GT that will campaign in the GT300 category of Japan's Super GT championship. The racing hybrid uses a 2.8-liter, twin turbo V6 paired with a specially developed hybrid system, and it will enter its first race at this ...

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    Formula One teams want to cut emissions and fuel consumption

    The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) wants to cut cut its total carbon emissions by 15 percent within three years and double the efficiency of its race engines within five years. FOTA commissioned an analysis by Trucost to determine its total life-cycle emissions from all operations. As it ...

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    International racing organizations meet to discuss environmental responsibility

    2009 24 Hours of LeMans Start – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Aside from the thrill of the race, motorsports and their respective vehicles are useful because they pass their genes down to the everyday vehicles that we drive, fly and cruise across the open pond in. In an effort to ...

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    REPORT: Toyota Supra HV-R GT hybrid coming to LeMans

    Toyota Supra HV-R GT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota's pulled out of F1, but that doesn't mean the company has lost its will to win with cutting edge tech. Rumors suggest it's dusting off the underpinnings of the Hybrid Supra HV-R it used to win the Tokkachi 24-Hour race two years ...

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    Seat captures opening rounds of WTCC with Leon TDI

    The opening rounds of the World Touring Car Championshio took place last week in Brazil and Seat won both races with drivers Yvan Muller and Gabrieli Tarquini. Spain-based Seat is a division of Volkswagen, and like other brands in the group they are pushing diesel engines in motorsports as well as ...

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    EU wants Formula One to get more environmentally relevant

    Up through the mid-nineties, Formula One racing was a bastion of technological innovation. Cars ran with 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder engines. There were naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. They had active suspension systems. Since that time the sports governing body, the FIA has been ...

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    Hybrid Toyota Supra HV-R wins Tokachi 24 hrs

    Toyota can now lay claim to having fielded the first hybrid vehicle to win an endurance race. The Denso SARD Supra HV-R won the Tokachi 24-hour race in convincing fashion, finishing 19 laps up on the second place car for a total of 616. The hybridized Super GT-spec Supra took the pole, lead all ...

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    Audi ALMS effort may be victim of it's own success

    In big time motorsports, particularly sportscar racing, one pattern keeps repeating itself. There will be a period of several years after a new category or set of rules is established when several big teams or manufacturers jump in and there is intense competition. Then one team will come up with a ...


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