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    Report: VW XL1 gets augmented reality repair app

    With a pricetag of about $150,000, buyers of the upcoming, limited-edition Volkswagen XL1 will probably wish that the repair bills be "virtual" as well, but VW's new "augmented reality" feature will only apply to the repairs themselves, at least for now. Europe's biggest automaker, which is ...

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    Official: BMW offers history lesson on 40 years of electric vehicle efforts

    If nothing else, we can thank BMW for giving us the rare opportunity to post a picture of one of its classic, super-boxy '70s models. In this case, it's an electrified version of its 1602, the progenitor to the popular 2002. The 1602 was the German automaker's first foray into electric-vehicle ...

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    Official: Visteon e-Bee gives high-tech treatment to Nissan Leaf

    If Nissan thought its all-electric Leaf was high-tech, well, Visteon is looking to go a little further. The Michigan-based auto supplier is displaying its e-Bee concept at Munich's Electronica 2012 Trade Fair, and there is no shortage of techie goodies. Among the advancements are an integrated ...

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    Official: Audi testing A1 e-tron Dual-Mode Hybrid concept [w/video]

    Small car, many motors. Audi, which has been testing its A1 e-tron extended-range plug-in around Munich, has started doing the same with a version that has a conventional engine and two electric motors. Audi's Dual-Mode Hybrid A1 e-tron concept car has multiple drivetrain modes that let the ...

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    Report: BMW CEO says governments need to offer more tax subsidies for EVs

    Bruder, can you spare a Euro? That's what BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer was saying to the German government at a Munich conference, Green Car Congress reports, citing (and translating from German, danke schön) Financial Times Deutschland. The Reithofer said that the German government's goal of ...

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    Official: Audi revs up 20 A1 e-trons for Munich test fleet

    For most of its early life, the Audi e-tron family was born and bred for the auto show circuit, and it did quite well there. To really make an impact, though, the cars need to get out, and some e-trons have been making forays onto public streets recently. A fleet of 20 A1 e-trons is about to ...

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    MUTE EV coming to Frankfurt Auto Show

    All electric cars tend to be rather quiet, but this one is flat out MUTE. That's the name of the new lightweight EV designed by scientists from Technische Universität München (Munich Technical University). The students hope to create an electric vehicle that's more affordable, but with ...

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    Home charging: Renewable energy-powered MINI Es start testing in Munich

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has officially announced a partnership with the E.ON utility company to test drive 15 MINI Es in Münich, Germany. E.On will provide electricity for the cars in 13 special charging stations near the Museumislen area of town. The juice for ...

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    BMW building more MINI Es for European testing

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    The popularity of BMW's MINI E test program in the United States has evidently prompted the company to expand production beyond the original 500 cars and add a smaller test fleet in Europe. The original plan, as announced last fall, was for 500 of ...

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    Germany to launch a 310 mile-per-hour maglev train

    I've been on quite a few flights lately, and usually, the worst part is not the airplane ride itself, but everything else that goes along with it. Like, either getting dropped off with all of your luggage or parking your car in the long-term lot, or taking a taxi ride. It sure would be nice if ...


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