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    Official: The Game buys four Fisker Karmas for himself, friends

    With friends like The Game, who needs Geely? The Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist (née Jayceon Terrell Taylor) recently bought a Cranberry-hued Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in vehicle for himself, then purchased three more of the $100,000 vehicles for his buddies. The Game posted the ...

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    Could a gasoline engine outperform diesels? MUSIC might be the answer

    Back in college, a teacher in a physics class explained to me and my classmates the models that rule diesel and gasoline engines. This stirred a classic debate: what's better: diesel or gasoline? The concept that explained the better efficiency of diesel engines was "thermal efficiency." This is ...

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    Chevy, Jonas Brothers rock out for a green future

    Finally, a chance to blog about the Jonas Brothers! Today (Feb. 19), at Walt Disney Studios, Chevy is "rolling out the green carpet" (aka sponsoring) a concert that will ask the more than 150 L.A area students that attend to "promise to live better," save the environment ... and also check out GM's ...

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    Tour bus that runs on "blubber" in Sidekick's Grammy Awards TV commercial

    While watching the Grammy Awards looking out for the Malibu hybrid TV commercial (it did not air) I saw a Sidekick commercial that had a bit of auto greeness. In the Sidekick commercial, a member of a band mentions he tours in a bus that runs on biodiesel or "blubber." I don't know if this ...

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    Kia TV ad: Spectra is so fuel efficient, you will forget which side the car the gas tank is on

    Fuel efficiency is becoming more important to cars buyers. Ads are starting to reflect that and the best one I have seen recently is Kia's ad for the Spectra. The commercial's music is just a piano and the folksy voice of Joe Purdy singing "I just can't seem to get it right today." The visuals are ...

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    It's Friday: the Ditty Bops tour by bike

    The Ditty Bops is a musical group that really like bikes. They tour by bike and even released a "Bike and Bikini" wall calender in 2006. The video above is a performance of the song "Walk or Ride" which includes these lyrics:But I'm feeling quite confused by the people who refuse to seeA simple way ...

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    It's Friday: Is Jeep's "Rock Me Gently" ad greenwashing? o|||||||o

    I am not sure I can accuse the Jeep "Rock Me Gently" TV commercial in the video above of greenwashing because it's just so strange. The ad and website implies animals really like Jeep which, you could argue, implies Jeeps are good for the environment. It's also possible Jeep is saying, "we destroy ...

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    Videos: Hard Rock cafe concert for Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance

    The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance is a group that promotes sustainable biodiesel practices. The Alliance held an event at the Hard Rock Cafe recently with celebrities like Willie Nelson in attendance. The video above shows the red carpet at the event where stars were asked what does sustainability ...

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    Video: Prius in a music video (NSFW)

    The video for the song "Wow, I can get sexual too" by Say Anything features a Toyota Prius and the Fonz from Happy Days. You can watch the entire video above. It may not be safe for work or NSFW as the lyrics includes "half stoned" and the chorus repeats "she touched herself" four times. Your ...


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