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    Report: Koch Brothers are killing rapid bus transit in Tennessee

    Last week, the Tennessee Senate voted 27-4 against the very idea of Rapid Bus Transit in the state. The vote, which is oddly specific about its target – the Amp bus rapid transit (BRT) project in Nashville – was supported by the wealthy Koch brothers, Charles and David, and their ...

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    Report: Nashville considering Monorail along I-24 to ease traffic congestion

    Fans of The Simpsons will remember a long-ago episode (from 1993, to be exact) where an out-of-town huckster tries to sell the citizens of Springfield on the idea of forking over their money to build a monorail. And there was a bunch of singing involved. Now, Music City could start singing the ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf sales ready to expand beyond early adopter markets in US

    One of the treasures of ZZ Top's excellent 1979 album Degüello is the rather funky track I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide. We can imagine that song blasting from the six-speaker sound system in Nissan Leaf all over the US now that Nissan is getting ready to get serious nationwide. The world's most ...

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    Gas panic rumor prompts Nashville to run out of gas

    Photo of Nashville by Exothemic. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.Need another reason to move away from our oil-dominated transportation situation? Take a look at what happened in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend. Thanks to rumors that the town was about to run out of gas, well, the ...


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