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natural gas vehicles

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    Official: Zap Jonway announces CN380 SUV, a new hybrid with CNG power

    Zap Jonway has added an alternative fuel vehicle to its lineup and describes it as a "New Energy Vehicle." That's a common term in China to describe a host of different powertrains, and is here used to mean a hybrid that combines compressed natural gas with a gasoline engine. Zap Jonway, based in ...

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    Diesel group, biodiesel producers come together in fight against natural gas

    The fight to be the most popular fuel for commercial trucks wages on between the natural gas and clean diesel factions, with alt-player biodiesel joining forces with the Diesel Technology Forum team. The National Biodiesel Board joined up with the forum to improve diesel's reputation in ...

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    Official: Honda offering $3,000 gas card with Civic Natural Gas purchase; is it worth it?

    Honda just released an incentive, a big one, for those interested in buying the Civic Natural Gas. American Honda has an alliance with Clean Energy Fuels to provide a debit card pre-loaded with $3,000 that can used at Clean Energy fueling stations around the country. Another perk, for those ...

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    Quick Spin: 22 state governors tell OEMs they're ready to buy more CNG vehicles

    Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is leading a coalition of 22 states to buy up to 10,000 new compressed natural gas cars and pickups per year. The big idea is to present joint bids that would spur production, encouraging automakers to build CNG vehicles at their assembly plants instead of ...

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    If you own a CNG vehicle, how often do you need to schedule oil changes?

    Owning and operating a compressed natural gas-fueled car is an experience closer to having a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle than electric vehicles are to ICEs. Maintaining an EV is mostly about testing battery systems, electric motors and the regenerative brakes. Maintaining a CNG ...

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    Study: Pike Research predicts 68% jump in global CNG vehicle sales by 2016

    Annual worldwide sales of natural gas vehicles will jump 68 percent to 3.2 million vehicles in 2016 from 1.9 million in 2010, according to Pike Research. The surge, says Pike, will be driven mainly by fleets looking to cut petroleum dependency and reduce operating costs. In the U.S., annual ...

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    Is support dwindling for NAT GAS Act? [w/video]

    Senior energy executive Karl W. Miller says he strongly supports establishing a comprehensive energy plan for the U.S. However, Miller says government handouts "do not work, never have and never will" and believes that natural gas is no different. Miller claims nobody can "jam natural gas" down ...

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    Chrysler gearing up for 2017 launch of CNG models

    Chrysler intends to launch compressed natural gas- (CNG-) fueled vehicles by 2017, according to Bob Lee, the automaker's vice president for engine and electrified propulsion system. At the 2011 SAE World Congress, Lee told journalists that CNG "technology is very actively being worked on" and ...

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    Video: GigaOM talks NAT GAS Act with T. Boone Pickens

    T. Boone Pickens, the long-time oilman turned natural gas advocate, claims to know something we don't. You see, Pickens thinks that God buried massive amounts of natural gas under the U.S. Last May, at the AFVI Expo, Pickens said:

    We got lucky. We showed up with a resource that is even ...

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    Report: Subaru Nordic mulling natural gas conversions for Legacy, Outback

    2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Subaru Nordic (SN) has, according to a report from The Local, announced its desire to open a manufacturing plant in western Sweden. There's some indication that SN is eying a vacant Saab site in the city of Trollhattan and ...

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    Report: Dodge mulling natural gas-powered Ram

    Dodge Ram – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While we've just heard news that there won't be any hybrid pickups streaming out of Ram's retail showroom floors, according to a report from Bloomberg, the truck manufacturer is mulling the possibility of adding a natural-gas powered ...

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    CNG taxis move to front of the line at Dallas airport, incite protests

    Ford Transit Connect Taxi – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Independent taxi drivers in the city of Dallas, TX, have protested a policy change that allows 87 natural gas-fueled cabs to move to the front of the pick-up line at the city's Love Field Airport. The City of Dallas ...

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    Study: Global natural gas vehicle sales to hit 3.2m annually by 2016

    2012 Honda Civic Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At this year's Detroit Auto Show, Honda displayed concept version of the ninth-generation Civic Coupe and Sedan. Additionally, the Japanese automaker confirmed that its CNG-fueled Civic GX model will be released, for ...

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    Report: Fiat, Chrysler considering natural gas push

    The United States is currently the number one producer of natural gas, but with few exceptions the fuel that heats millions of homes hasn't made it's way into our cars and trucks. Automotive News reports that Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne would like to change that in the coming years by ...

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    Chrysler joins Association for Natural Gas Vehicles; is this a sign of what's to come?

    Over the summer, Fiat chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne set aside some time to visit historic Mackinac Island near Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Marchionne found this site to be a fitting location to discuss how compressed natural gas (CNG) could fuel Chrysler's future. The CEO outlined ...

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    ISO working on global standard for natural-gas fueling stations

    Numerous automakers have committed serious R&D resources to producing efficient, alternative-fuel vehicles, but several challenges still lie ahead. In the realm of natural gas-fueled vehicles, developing a widespread supporting infrastructure of filling stations is essential for success, but ...

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    Honda considers doubling production of CNG-powered Civic GX

    2010 Honda Civic GX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When assembling a list of green cars from Honda, the usual suspects include vehicles like the Insight, Civic Hybrid and perhaps even the FCX Clarity. Often overlooked, though no less green, is the natural gas-fueled Civic GX. In ...

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    MIT: Natural gas is key to a cleaner automotive future, but only indirectly

    A recent study conducted by a team of scholars over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concludes that natural gas will be a vitally important source of fuel for the automotive industry as we move forward, but it won't be pumped into cars as shown above. Instead, the researchers at ...

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    EPA wants to make it easier for fleets to get off gas

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to make it easier for companies that sell fuel conversion systems to do so. Conversion systems allow vehicles originally intended to run on gasoline or petroleum diesel to run on an alternative fuel, typically naturals gas or propane, alcohol or ...

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    Mercedes-Benz launches BlueEfficiency Sprinter van

    Mercedes-Benz BlueEfficiency Sprinter - click above for high res image gallery
    Over the past year, Mercedes-Benz has been rolling out high mileage BlueEfficiency versions of several passenger car models and has now expanded the eco-tweaks to their commercial vehicles. Effective immediately, two ...


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