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    Official: Opel Ampera gets smart nav system for more efficient driving

    Could the European version of the Chevrolet Volt be smarter than its American brethren? In so many words, that's what General Motors' Opel division in Germany is saying after the Opel Ampera extended-range plug-in vehicle was chosen to conduct a test involving intelligent navigation systems. The ...

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    Report: Tesla's Model S software updates connect well with Wired

    Earlier this month, Tesla Motors announced a software update for its Model S all-electric luxury sedan. No less an authority than our old friend Damon Lavrinc over at Wired has blessed the upgrade. Lavrinc calls Tesla's upgrades a "solid, feature-rich update" that overcomes what had been ...

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    Official: UC researchers' new navigation system could boost EV range

    Stash this one in the "we don't see a downside to this" department. UC Riverside researchers are developing a navigation system specifically geared towards cutting fuel use and, in some cases, increasing electric-vehicle driving range. Instead of merely plotting out directions to a certain ...

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    Official: GM testing OnStar feature to boost renewable-energy charging in Chevy Volt

    General Motors is developing a feature for its OnStar navigation service that will allow Chevrolet Volt owners to better match recharging patterns for the extended-range plug-in vehicles with the availability of renewable energy. GM is working with utility company PJM Interconnection on the ...

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    Exclusive: 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 nav system uses altitude to optimize hybrid efficiency

    Somewhat lost in the fanfare of BMW introducing a hybrid version of its best-selling 3 Series at the Detroit Auto Show was a brief mention of its new navigation technology. The 2012 ActiveHybrid 3 will be the first hybrid to use its nav system to help predict the best time to use and recharge its ...

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    Plug-In 2011: Coulomb working with TomTom to let EV drivers find charging stations

    At the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC, last week, Coulomb Technologies announced it will partner with TomTom to provide tools to help EV drivers locate charging stations. Some manufacturers have built brand-specific charging point location into the navigation systems included on their ...

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    Pioneer introduces satellite navigation aimed at hypermilers

    Pioneer's latest satellite navigation system, the AVIC-ZHO9-MEV, is designed specifically for hypermiling plug-in vehicle owners looking to extract every last bit of range out of their electrified rides. The AVIC-ZHO9-MEV is a device that estimates your vehicle's remaining battery charge and ...

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    GPS units makes you more fuel efficient? 12 percent, to be exact, says NAVTEQ

    A recent survey conducted by research firm NuStats and funded by GPS-maker NAVTEQ has found that drivers equipped with in-car navigation units use 12 percent less fuel than their non-guided counterparts. The study focused on three groups of drivers in Germany. The first used no GPS at all, the ...

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    Nissan's Eco Driving Advice will help avoid traffic, cut emissions

    Dash mounted navigation systems are becoming rather common inside many new cars. Nissan believes that these navigation systems can be leveraged to reduce the CO2 emissions of their cars and trucks. In an effort to meet their stated goal of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of their automobiles ...


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