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    Motorsports: NEDRA reviews Garlits' electric dragster runs, awards record [w/video]

    The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) is the official book keeper for the battery-powered few that are successful in their quest for quicker quickness. It's pretty fastidious about getting all the facts and documentation together before engraving those records in stone, and so ...

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    Motorsports: Kristen Stacy nails new EV record in Lawless Hammerdown dragster [w/video]

    Kristen Stacy is officially the quickest person on four battery-powered wheels. On Friday night at Virginia Motorsports Park just south of Richmond, Virginia, she swung the Lawless Industries dragster "Hammerdown" the quarter-mile length of the dragstrip in a blistering 7.89 seconds at 161.87 ...

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    Video: Assault & Battery guilty of breaking 1/4-mile drag racing record

    In the case of "Assault & Battery" versus the Royal Purple Raceway, we find the defendant guilty of the breaking the record for the quickest quarter-mile in a door-slamming electric vehicle. Owned and operated by one Mr. John Metric – who just happens to be the current president of the ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S set to sizzle the drag strip, warms up the street [w/video]

    Members of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) are getting ready to sizzle away the seasonal blahs at their Winter Florida Nationals this coming Sunday at the Palm Beach International Raceway. This year the event has been folded into a day of street racing set up by Brooks ...

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    Two Wheels: Mission R ride reveals why electric motorcycles rock

    We've been smitten with the Mission R electric motorcycle from Mission Motors since it was first revealed at the tail end of 2010. It looks beautiful, both stripped down naked or dressed up just enough to be street legal. Now living in something of an active retirement after handily winning the ...

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    Spring Thaw will bring flood of electric racers to Tucson this weekend

    Although it's been a pretty mild winter across most of the U.S., electric racers are planning a serious Spring Thaw celebration down in Tucson, AZ this Saturday. And by serious, we mean multiple NEDRA-record-holder serious. Attendees can expect to see old favorites, such as John Wayland's ...

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    Video: DC Plasma is one fast Fiero, watch it set new record for electric doorslammers

    When Pontiac first conjured up the mid-engined Fiero back in 1984, its performance was also middling. John Metric has one such 2M4 (2 Seat, Mid-Engined, 4-Cyl) from its introductory year and he's fixed that problem. Dubbed "DC Plasma," his electrified example has just reduced the quarter-mile ...

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    IHRA officially recognizes electric vehicles, adopts drag racing rules

    Good news for high-amperage types who want to run their battery-powered race machines at a local drag track. Working with the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) has adopted rules for electric vehicles, giving track officials guidelines ...

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    Two Wheels: Predator electric motorcycle sets new record with RC aircraft batteries

    When we saw the Predator electric drag bike last Spring, it was rockin' a pair of Toyota Prius battery packs. While it ran the quarter-mile quicker as quick as a Tesla Roadster with a time of 12.40 seconds at 94 miles an hour, its quickness wasn't quite as impressive as its Predator-themed ...

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    Megawatt battery blasts Lawless Rocket to new record [w/VIDEO]

    Larry "Spiderman" McBride, aboard the Lawless EV Racing Rocket, has officially lowered the electric drag-racing limbo bar down to 7.246 seconds while reaching a speed of 185.46 miles per hour. That's only five mph short of the record-making run Chip Yates made on four times the real estate. It ...

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    With Renagade, UPenn students create electric drag racing awesomeness

    UPENN Renegade – Click above to watch video after the jump
    A lot of Universities around the world have solar racing teams that build cool UFO-looking vehicles that compete with each other for speed and efficiency records. The University of Pennsylvania is not one of them. They used to be, ...

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    VIDEO: White Zombie sets quarter mile record with new lithium pack at Wayland Invitational V

    John Wayland's White Zombie – Click above to watch video after the jump
    In the 16 years since first electrifying a 1972 Datsun1200, John "Plasma Boy" Wayland has steadily made improvements to his street-legal machine, helping him set drag strip records on a relatively regular basis. This ...

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    Killacycle electrocutes its own quarter mile record [w/VIDEO]

    Its been a mixed year for the A123-sponsored Killacycle crew. On one hand, they've been involved with bringing an electric delivery truck to market and that's cool. On the racing hand, well, there hasn't been much to report. Although entered in the TTXGP, they were a disappointing no-show. An ...

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    Return of the monster! Zilla controller production headed for Washington

    If you've done any reading about racing electric cars or converting vehicles to run on batteries, it's likely you've heard of the Zilla controller. This monster takes the current from the battery pack and dishes it out to the motor and the Zilla controller is known for handling higher amperage ...

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    Killacycle vs Mini-Me Killacycle at Wayland Invitational

    The Portland International Raceway should be a little quieter for the next couple of days as the Wayland Invitational kicks off with all kinds of electric vehicles ready to do battle on the drag strip. One of the more entertaining pairings may be a duel between the world's quickest electric ...

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    ThunderStruck Motors is setting electric motorcycle records

    Bill Dube with his KillaCycle better watch his back 'cause ThunderStruck Motors has been setting electric motorcycle drag racing records left and right the past few weeks. On March 7, the team set a new NEDRA record of 11.693 seconds at 104.53 mph in the quarter mile for the 96 volt class with ...

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    Lithium ion-powered ThunderStruck bike sets new speed record

    In mid-February, an electric bike built by ThunderStruck Motors and Lithium Technology Corporation raced a 1/8 mile course in 7.169 seconds, setting a new record of 93 mph in the 96 volt class. The previous record was 78 mph. The electric drag bike uses 72 of LTC's 7.5Ah DD cells and has 2 kWh of ...

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    Current Eliminator V sets new world speed record - 153.6 mph - for electric vehicles

    Got a need for speed? Strap on a battery pack and his the track. That's the idea behind the Current Eliminator V, which set a new electric dragster world speed record in the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) Super Pro class of 153.6 mph at the Speedworld Motorplex drag strip in Tuscon last ...

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    NY Times writes about the history of electric drag racing

    Sunday's New York Times has an article about the National Electric Drag Racing Association. According to the Times, the organization was founded by John Wayland and Roderick Wilde in 1997 after a few beers and coming up with an important sounding name. In 1999, the National Hot Rod Association ...

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    Electric drag racers open season next Friday

    The Battery Beach Burnout is on for next weekend at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. The event is the season opener for the National Electric Drag Racing Association and is sponsored by Vectrix scooters. Drag racing starts Friday evening, and the schedule includes autocross, ...


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