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neighborhood electric vehicle

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    ELF is a sun-powered, egg-shaped trike

    Ever hear of the ELF sun-powered tricycle that offers both pedal power and a solar-powered electric motor? We hadn't either (hat tip to Phillip A.), but it's finally getting a bit of attention from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, CNN and on A&E TV's Shipping Wars, where "Cowgirl ...

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    Official: ZENN to acquire 51% of EEStor

    Zenn Motor Co. may have a name better associated with a sense of peace, but the company it has been connected to for years and has now agreed to buy does have a bit of uncertainty about it. Canada-based Zenn, which used to make and sell lead-acid battery-powered neighborhood-electric vehicles, ...

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    Report: Innova Dash NEV offers 90 miles of 35-mph cruising for $13,000

    The latest in the charging-range-per-dollar market offering? Try $3,000 for about 45 miles. Sadly, it's the second 45 miles. That's the ratio that is being offered by Illinois-based Innova, the most recent entrant in the neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) market, the Los Angeles Times reports. ...

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    Opinion: GreenTech's low-speed MyCar may hurt electric vehicle momentum more than help

    Thanks, but no thanks. That's what the ostensible electric-vehicles advocates at Plug In Cars are saying about GreenTech Automotive and its proposed MyCar neighborhood-electric vehicle. With ex-Democratic National Committee chief Terry McAuliffe as its chairman, GreenTech is more notable for ...

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    Official: OK court rules neighborhood electric vehicle buyers can get $5,000 rebates

    One more reason to start blaring "Boomer Sooner. Oklahomans who felt that they didn't get a fair deal out of the state's generous tax rebate when they bought their Tomberlin neighborhood-electric vehicle (NEV) a few years back got their day in court recently and will now get their ...

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    Report: Renault could sell low-speed Twizy; Nissan considering Leaf battery leases

    If anyone wondered what right-hand-drive donuts in a really light electric-vehicle looked like, we all may soon find out. Renault may launch a low-speed version of its battery-electric Twizy in the UK next year in an effort to capitalize on a law allowing for unlicensed drivers for some smaller ...

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    Report: Pennsylvania may make neighborhood-electric vehicles street legal

    Pennsylvania, one of the last states holding out against legalizing neighborhood-electric vehicles (NEVs) – such as those from Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), pictured – for street use, may change its laws to allow NEVs on some streets with speed limits as high as 35 miles per hour, ...

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    Will GreenTech vehicles go to Europe?

    Founded in 2009 by former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, GreenTech Automotive is currently prepping its first neighborhood electric vehicle, the MyCar, for launch in the U.S. and distribution throughout Europe. Roughly the same size as a Smart Fortwo, the MyCar will be ...

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    Report: Electric cab company hit with hundreds of tickets in Austin [w/video]

    A recent arrest has re-ignited a three-year battle between Electric Cab of Austin, TX and the City's Transportation Department, proving again that the legal status of low-speed electric vehicles is a gray area in a lot of places in the U.S. Last Sunday, a driver for Electric Cab of Austin was ...

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    Report: Get off the phone: Cause of fatal G-Wiz crash revealed

    Though exempt from formal crash test standards in most countries, vehicles like the electric, Indian-built Reva – sold in England as the G-Wiz – have occasionally been subjected to informal tests, and the results have raised eyebrows. Years ago, Top Gear subjected a G-Wiz to EuroNCAP ...

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    Polaris to close GEM factory in Fargo, will shift production to Minnesota, Iowa

    In late April, Polaris Industries announced that it would soon acquire full ownership rights to low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) from Chrysler. Now comes word that Polaris will shut down GEM's existing factory in Fargo, ND and shift all production of the ...

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    Pike sees only 695,000 NEVs on the streets by 2017

    The total number of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) on roads throughout the world will increase slowly but steadily from 479,000 in 2011 to 695,000 by 2017, according to a study conducted by Pike Research. During that time period, annual NEV sales will shoot up from 37,000 vehicles to nearly ...

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    GreenGo Tek wins bid to supply South Carolina with 10 electric vans

    Michigan-based neighborhood electric vehicle manufacturer GreenGo Tek Electric (GGT) has been selected to supply the state of South Carolina with at least ten of its low-speed E-Dyne electric vans. South Carolina intends to use the plug-in vans for campus supervision, grounds maintenance, ...

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    Stetson University swaps SUV for Miles ZX40S NEV

    How much utility is there in an SUV? How about in an NEV? Stetson University's public safety department can find out now that it is slightly greener after replacing an aging sport utility vehicle with a battery-powered Miles ZX40S. Yep, that's right, the department has ditched its gas-guzzling ...

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    Nebraska still working on low-speed NEV bill

    Even though highway-capable electric vehicles are here, there is still a place for NEVs. That place is, apparently, Nebraska. In late April, lawmakers there advanced a measure that would allow low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) onto streets with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per ...

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    Polaris buying low-speed electric car maker GEM from Chrysler

    Polaris Industries will acquire low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chrysler for an undisclosed amount. All Chrysler would tell us is that, "It's a confidential number." Currently, GEM manufactures six street-legal models; well, ...

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    More GEMs on the horizon: Chrysler offers new 2011 low-speed electric vehicle options

    The last time we heard about GEM, the news wasn't good. In fact, the electric vehicle announcements from Chrysler haven't been all that positive for a while now, but that doesn't mean it will always be so. In fact, Chrysler announced today that the its wholly-owned subsidiary Global Electric ...

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    Romet unveils 4E prototype; an $8,300 two-seat NEV

    Known mainly for its work with motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, Polish company Romet Motors has rolled out its prototype 4E, a two-seat neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). The company envisions the 4E (that's Electric, Economic, Ecologic, Easy) as an urban tool that slots in between two-wheeled, ...

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    Video: NEVs lookout, Onya Cycles' Front End Loader is the new electric grocery getter in town

    Onya Cycles! Front-End Loader – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's crude and looks like nothing more than a dreamy garage project created in a single weekend, but Saul Griffith's electric Front-End Loader aims to answer the question: who needs a car when you've got pedals and ...

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    Who LUVs NEVs? Low-speed electric vehicle test launches in SoCal

    Wheego Whip – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Local Use Vehicle (LUV) Project of Los Angeles County, CA has kicked off an 18-month demonstration program that will test the real-world use of six low-speed, battery-powered vehicles. Organized by the South Bay Cities Council of ...


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