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new delhi auto show

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    Official: Reva unveils Halo EV, Formula E racer at New Delhi Auto Show

    Mahindra is being busy at the New Delhi Auto Show, unveiling two electric cars: the Mahindra Reva Halo EV concept sports car and the Mahindra Racing Formula E electric race car. If reports are to be believed, the Indian company wants to build the Halo as, well, a halo electric car for the brand. ...

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    Official: Renault KWID Concept is a flight of EV fancy with a traffic drone

    There are few "firsts" in the concept car business that are genuinely interesting, but the remote-control drone thing that comes with the new Renault Kwid Concept is actually something that makes us go, "hmmm?" In a good way. Called the Flying Companion, the Kwid's little helicopter friend is ...

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    REPORT: Honda to premiere new small car concept at Delhi Motor Show

    Honda CR-Z concept 2009 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda has announced plans to unveil a new small car concept at the 10th Auto Expo automobile show in New Delhi on January 5. Just last week, Toyota made almost the exact same announcement, and both Japanese automakers are staying ...

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    Toyota to unveil compact car concept at New Delhi show

    Details are decidedly scarce – which, judging by the company in question, is surely by design – but Toyota has announced that it will be unveiling a new compact concept car at the 10th Auto Expo automobile show in New Delhi on January 5. And ... that's about all we have on the ...


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