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    Report: It takes 15,000 EVs to Tango in Auckland, apparently

    Tall and skinny, it can take a while to get used to the looks of the Tango electric car. It doesn't look like anything else on the road, but there are also very few of them to catch your eye. The residents of Auckland, New Zealand might soon get plenty of chances to recognize the tiny two-seater, ...

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    Killacycle goes Kiwi hunting

    Having conquered all on this part of the planet and with its quarter-mile record of 7.864 seconds @ 169 mph, the Killacycle is going Kiwi hunting. Yes, the world's fastest cordless drill on wheels has been boxed up and is headed to New Zealand where it will take part in an educational tour, ...

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    Kiwis love test driving the iMiEV [w/VIDEOS]

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    Things you'll find in the videos (pasted after the jump) of everyday New Zealanders test driving the Mitsubishi iMiEV: astonishment at the silent motor, a joke about the horn "sounding like an electric car," another joke about putting a huge exhaust ...

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    Mitsubishi iMiEV New Zealand tour 'Tubed and Twittered

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    As we informed you last week, Mitsubishi and Meridian Energy have brought the iMiEV to New Zealand to introduce Middle Earth to the electric car concept. To help with that outreach, they have an expanded web presence that includes a microsite, a ...

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    iMiEV starts renewable energy-powered trial in New Zealand

    Click above to view a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi i MiEV
    The long-awaited New Zealand road show featuring the all-electric iMiEV is underway. Mitsubishi kicked off the trial with a gala event on Tuesday, where over 100 people from the government and other "key stakeholders" were invited to ...

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    Greenstage to bring electric competitor to the track

    Mitsubishi may be bringing an electric passenger car to the streets of New Zealand but one of their own is building an electric race car for its tracks. Greenstage revealed to the Kiwi public their vision of an all-electric race car at the recently-held Speed Show and it looks pretty sweet. Using ...

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    MDI's AIRPod coming to New Zealand

    Looking like just about every other three-wheeled, joystick-controlled, compressed air-driven car we've ever seen, the AIRPod by MDI will be available to lease in New Zealand soon. MDI has an agreement with IndraNet Technologies to market them in the land of the M?ori and, according to an article ...

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    Hyundai to deliver first electric car in New Zealand

    Hyundai plans to be the first automaker to offer plug-in electric cars in New Zealand. The Korean automaker will be working with its local distributor in New Zealand to retrofit the subcompact Getz to run on batteries. The complete cars will be shipped to New Zealand as usual where the conventional ...

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    Mitsubishi expands iMiEV road show to New Zealand

    Mitsubishi has been running field tests with its iMiEV electric micro-car in Japan and elsewhere for some time now with an eye toward a market introduction some time in 2009. In addition to the field tests, the company has been drumming up interest for the car in the United States, the UK and ...

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    60 percent of New Zealand cars plug-ins by 2040

    New Zealand has bold plans for greening its automobile transportation. In the "Energy Strategy to 2050" report, presented by New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, there are calls for major changes such as: 5 percent of cars to be plug-ins by 2020, rising to 60 percent by 2040. 25 percent ...

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    1,000 tonnes (1.3 million liters) of heavy fuel oil on burning ship near the South Pole

    I ran across this article on Treehugger today, and thought I'd share it with you. It seems that a Japanese whaling ship is currently adrift and on fire near the South Pole. According to New Zealand, there is a danger to some 250,000 pairs of breeding penguins and other local wildlife. The captain ...

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    Hyundai claims diesel lead in New Zealand

    Its always interesting to see what car companies are up to in other countries. In Australia Hyundai has just two diesel models, the Terracan and Santa Fe. If you think of the leaders in passenger car diesels, you'd be likely to pick a European brand, probably German. Across the Tasman in New ...

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    New Zealand looks at higher scrappage rate to improve emissions, fuel economy

    New Zealand wants to improve the overall fuel economy of the nation's vehicles, and scrapping older vehicles is part of the plan. Automakers say lawmakers need to take action rather than continuing to review and discuss more options. Besides restricting the age of imported used vehicles, officials ...

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    Ecovalue site puts an economic mark on nature

    How do you quantify the economic value of nature? Easy, to go to the Ecovalue website and poke around. Ok, maybe it's not all that easy. But the Ecovalue team is trying to find out how, for example, forests play a role in human welfare and how ecosystems contribute goods to economies. It's true, ...

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    High gas prices cause license plate theft wave in New Zealand

    We regularly hear about the hydrogen economy and how it will solve a lot of our current transportation and pollution issues. What we hear about less often is that in the 10-20 year interim period until the hydrogen economy is up and running, we're going to have to live through eras like the ...

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    Turning sewage into biodiesel in New Zealand

    New Zealand's Aquaflow Bionomic announced late last week that they have successfully produced a sample of biodiesel from wild algae in sewage ponds. This announcement means Aquaflow Bionomic is the first to get the fuel from algae that were not specially grown in the laboratory. The algae clean the ...


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