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    Official: Nissan Leaf EVs get free rides on SCNF trains in France

    Being able to ship your electric vehicle up the California coast or down the Eastern Seaboard for summer vacation for free isn't exactly an option for us Americans, but the French can sure brag about doing something similar. Nissan struck a deal with French rail company SNCF that allows ...

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    Mega City introduces no-frills e-City Pro electric car

    The purchase of NICE Car company by French NEV Facturer Aixam has resulted in the e-City Pro Electric Car. The car is a stripped-down version of the Mega e-City, and is priced at £10,131 plus tax (deductible if the car is for professional use). The model, which has no power windows, no alloy ...

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    UK announces 10 million electric vehicle support package, 100 for "greener motoring"

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    How much money will it take for the UK to reach a critical mass with electric vehicles? A lot, and the Brits are on it. The Department for Transport has announced a large £100 million commitment over five years to greener motoring in the UK. Of this, £10 million is ...

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    NICE: big automakers won't bring us electric cars

    The London-based NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company has issued a statement going full-throttle at the big automakers. The statement says that customers will have to "expect a long wait if they think that mainstream manufacturers" are going to start selling electric cars any soon. ...

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    NICE Super Light Electric Sport Car showcased at SMMT test day

    At the beginning of May we told you about sales predictions made by the NICE Car Company. At the very bottom of the press release that accompanied that post there was mention made of a new car unveiling that would happen at the annual SMMT test day, which is a day of new-car driving for journalists ...

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    NICE predicts electric car sales increase under new London mayor

    Now that the city of London has voted out "red Ken" in favor of Conservative candidate Boris Johnson, it is expected that the congestion charge scheme may undergo some changes. One electric car company, NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine), is showing no fear and is sounding positive about the ...

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    NICE intros new MEGA City electric car in London

    The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company unveiled the MEGA City electric car this week at the British Motor Show. In the wake of the unveiling of the spectacular Tesla Roadster sports car, the MEGA City seems completely boring by comparison. Beyond the 2-seat passenger configuration, ...


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