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    Study: Battery-pack production for plug-ins, hybrids, triples in three years

    Panasonic's standing in the plug-in and hybrid battery production industry has zoomed ahead like a Tesla Model S taking off from a standstill. That's appropriate because the Japanese company's relationship with the California-based automaker has been the primary reason for its growth, which looks ...

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    Report: Toyota: solid-state batteries coming in 2020, 3-4 times better than li-ion

    Toyota has never been a big fan of lithium ion batteries, and has a plan in place to replace them with solid-state batteries that are three-to-four times more powerful. Toyota will commercialize solid-state batteries around 2020 and lithium air batteries – which offer a fivefold increase ...

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    Exclusive: Is there hope for affordable lead-acid EV batteries?

    Why Not Improve The Cheap Chemistry? When General Motors launched its pioneering two-seat EV1 in 1997, its batteries were "advanced" lead acid (PbA). That means they were big, heavy, had low energy density and a limited life. But it was the best available chemistry at the time. That first EV1's ...

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    Honda will recycle rare earth metals from old hybrid batteries

    The supply of rare earth metals used in the manufacture of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and permanent magnet motors that are found in most hybrids has been somewhat uncertain the past few years, what with China's lock on the supply and its recent policy of limiting exports. While there ...

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    China controls key ingredient for NiMH batteries, supply may run short as hybrids gain popularity

    Lanthanides. What are they and why do we care about them? Well, lanthanides are rare-earth metals that are a key ingredient in nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. More specifically, lanthanides make up an entire row on the periodic table which includes 15 elements, some of which are utilized ...

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    Greenlings: PHEV? DSG? VMT? A guide to common green vehicle acronyms

    Deciphering the new vocabulary of the green car movement can sometimes be a real head scratcher. To alleviate as much confusion as possible, we would like to present our readers with a list of common acronyms and what they mean, with plenty of links for more information. If you have some TLAs ...

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    Peugeot to use Sanyo NiMH batteries in upcoming diesel hybrid

    Peugeot 3008 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Earlier this year, Peugeot announced that it would introduce its first production vehicle based on the new 3008 crossover in 2011. Peugeot will likely be the first automaker to introduce a light duty diesel hybrid using PSA's Hybrid4 ...

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    REPORT: Toyota secretly tested lithium-ion Priuses for three years

    2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Details are scarce, but it turns out that Toyota has been testing Priuses with lithium-ion batteries in them for years. Not many vehicles were involved – Bloomberg says only 126 such Priuses were on the roads in U.S., Japan and ...

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    Columnist: Hybrid growth in the near-term will benefit ... lead-acid battery makers?

    2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Even though demand for hybrid vehicles is expected to grow like mushrooms after a summer rain in the coming years, there's a big problem looming, says John Peterson, a writer for investment site Seeking Alpha. Peterson has crunched ...

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    What are some advanced battery basics for beginners?

    Electric cars have been with us since the very beginning of the automobile age and from that time until now, its most important component has been the battery. It stores energy chemically until it is needed to create the electricity that powers a vehicle's motor. There have been different types ...

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    Ford: don't get too excited about the Fusion hybrid, we may not have enough batteries

    While understandably excited about the 41 mpg highway city rating the new Fusion hybrid recently achieved, Ford is already throwing a wet blanket on the sales potential of the car, which will go on sale in Spring 2009. According to HybridCars, Ford Americas President Mark Fields said that, "We are ...

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    Chevron drains battery planned for Mercedes ML 450 hybrid, Mercedes sues

    var digg_url = ''; Plans for Mercedes to release the ML 450 hybrid in 2009 may very well be canceled. The maker of the nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that was to provide the energy storage component for ...

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    Autoblog Green Podcast #9 - Ford's hybrids and hydrogen

    This week, Sam brings back two interviews - one with Ford's Scott Staley about what's going on in Hybrid land, which is then balanced by a conversation with John Lapetz that pulls back the curtain on the hydrogen research that's been going on in Dearborn. Also touched on are the Chevy Volt and the ...

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    Lithium-ion or lithium polymer? What's the deal with lithium?

    Lithium-ion batteries have been in use for some time in our personal electronics devices, most notably in laptop computers. The switch was made to lithium-ion from NiMh, or nickel metal hydride batteries because they are lighter, cheaper, and smaller than other kinds of batteries. They don't suffer ...

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    Is it fair to compare battery inventor and hydrogen, solar advocate Stanford Ovshinsky with Thomas Edison?

    To list all of Stanford Ovshinsky's achievements would take half the storage on our server, but few environmentalists really know of him. Fifty years ago he envisioned a hydrogen economy and is the inventor of the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery that is utilized in hybrid vehicles. Many other ...


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