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    DC SHOW: Nissan e-NV200 electric van will start FedEx testing in DC

    The electric van test program that Nissan and FedEx announced today at the Washington Auto Show isn't really all that new. After all, FedEx is already testing the all-electric e-NV200 in Singapore, Japan and Germany. The news today is that FedEx will be one of the first companies to test the EV ...

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    Report: Nissan readying four new EV models, more widespread inductive charging

    We've heard this one before, the one where we hear Nissan is getting ready to expand its line-up of all-electric vehicles. We're all familiar with the Leaf and then there are the other Nissan-family EVs, the Infiniti luxury electric vehicle (which Infitini boss Johann De Nysschen recently ...

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    Official: 2013 Nissan Leaf gets 75-mile range (actually 84) in new EPA test

    Numbers may not lie, but they sure do get confusing at times. Today's example, the estimated updated energy efficiency numbers for the just-released 2013 Nissan Leaf. The 2012 Leaf was rated at 99 MPGe combined, 106 city and 92 highway with a 73-mile range. The 2013 model gets 130 in the city, ...

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    Video: New Infiniti boss de Nysschen turns over new leaf, doesn't think plug-ins are for 'idiots'

    This summer, Audi CEO Johan de Nysschen made a surprising shift when he moved to join Nissan as the Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Company in charge of the Infiniti division. His title and home base are not all that's different about the man who used to tout diesel powertrains above all ...

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    All the things you can do with a Nissan LEAF: limo or long-distance

    We're noticing a trend, here: people like to play with their Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. Some like to drive it insane distances, some like to make it go faster and some like to just make it moar biggar. Example #1. The distance driver. Tony Williams of recently drove his car ...

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    Exclusive: Nissan sells 10,000th Leaf in States, ready for next phase of EVs

    At some point during the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan sold its 10,000th Leaf in America. Not bad for an all-electric car that has been on sale for just over a year and is not yet available in all 50 states (this landmark will be achieved by March, though). Brendan Jones, the Leaf's marketing ...

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    Video: Nissan sends cute little PLUG on zero-emission adventures

    A recent promotional video from Nissan featured singing electrical outlets wishing the Leaf a happy birthday. Now we've got another quirky look at the plugged-in life through a collection of short clips about "The Planet Zero." In the videos, a little character called PLUG goes about its day on ...

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    Report: Nissan thinking of fourth electric vehicle model; what would you choose?

    Despite three months of downward-trending Leaf sales, Nissan is still bullish on rolling out more electric vehicles. We know that Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has said he wants to bring at least three and more likely four Nissan EVs to market in the U.S. in the next few years. Automotive News ...

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    Report: Ghosn says the world will want 500,000 Renault-Nissan electric cars a year by 2020

    The way Carlos Ghosn repeatedly touts the benefits of electric vehicles, you'd think he knows something the rest of the industry doesn't. For now, it appears he's right, since sales of the Nissan Leaf continue to be constrained by supply and not demand. What makes the Renault-Nissan CEO endlessly ...

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    Tokyo: Nissan shows off Pivo3's new angles, considering quirky EV for production

    Sometimes, even concept cars evolve. Take the Nissan Pivo, an ungainly, all-electric bubble on wheels that first appeared in 2005 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The first version was pretty round, but the Pivo 2 somehow managed to add extra curves around the wheels. For the Pivo 3, unveiled today in ...

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    Report: Nissan, Mitsubishi will work together on small, possibly electric, cars

    Following reports that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will open a new, efficient global small car plant in Thailand, other reports that MMC and Nissan are talking about a 50-50 joint company in 2011 are a lot more interesting. Automotive News (sub. req.) is reporting that the two Japanese ...

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    Video: 2011 Nissan Leaf assembly process detailed

    2011 Nissan Leaf assembly – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Earlier this week, we rolled out a time-lapse video of the assembly of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. In that video, General Motors took us inside its Detroit-Hamtramck plant to watch its plug-in hybrid undergo the ...

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    Nissan, Daikyo will research ways to charge electric vehicles in condos

    Nissan Motor Company has teamed up with Daikyo Incorporated, one of Japan's largest condominium builders, to jointly develop an electric vehicle charging infrastructure targeted directly at condo dwellers. Nissan and Daikyo will immediately begin work on their "Demonstration Project for EV Charging ...

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    Rumormill: Nissan considering Leaf-based electric vehicle sportscar

    Nissan is reportedly considering building a sports car based on the electric drive hardware from its new Leaf EV. From a business perspective, it would likely make sense for Nissan to follow the same path set forth by Toyota/Lexus with premium hybrid models, and indeed, the Leaf is already pegged ...

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    Ghosn says Nissan-Renault partnership makes EVs doable, companies couldn't go it alone

    In today's automotive world, partnerships are about as common as running across some gushing prose that's been dished out towards a BMW vehicle, which is the same as saying that partnerships are really common. There's nothing wrong with partnering up, as sometimes it's the only way to avoid the ...

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    Nissan announces plans to double li-ion battery production as Leaf pre-orders swell

    Nissan Leaf battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Expansion is in the immediate future for Nissan's joint battery venture Automotive Energy Supply Corp (AESC). According to a report from Jiji Press in Japan, AESC will almost immediately double its production of li-ion ...

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    Apple demos new Nissan Leaf iAd on 4th-gen iPhone with exclusive contest

    Nissan Leaf iAd on 4th generation iPhone – Click above for high-res image gallery
    One or two of you may have noticed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs "officially" revealed the new fourth-generation iPhone today at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. What you may not know is that the Nissan ...

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    Carnegie-Mellon students learn about electric vehicles with Nissan

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Automakers like Nissan are well aware that the future engineers of the world need to learn more about the vehicles of the future, namely electrified types. Many companies are working with engineering schools to expose the students ...

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    Know what you want and need, or you may not get to buy a Nissan Leaf

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Are you willing to argue with your friendly neighborhood Nissan dealer over the right to get yourself a Leaf? You might have to. Anyone who has gone through the Leaf reservation process this past week noticed a few screens that weren't ...

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    Nissan and AeroVironment show off prototype $2,200 Leaf home charger

    Nissan's partner to make home-charging for electric vehicles (EVs) a reality is AeroVironment (AV), a leading producer of EV charging units. The partnership is putting the finishing touches on a Nissan-branded home charging unit marketed at buyers of the Leaf all-electric car, but the charger is ...


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