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nissan new mobility concept

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    Official: Nissan New Mobility Concept enters carsharing service in Japan

    Nissan and Yokohama have put together a rather attractive combination of little electric vehicles, little rental prices and big ambitions. Next month, the automaker and Japanese city will debut the first carsharing program of its kind, which will involve two-seat Nissan EVs that may be rented ...

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    Report: Nissan's Twizy-based electric Mobility Concept to hit Japan's streets in October

    Nissan's Renault Twizy-based New Mobility Concept – an urban electric vehicle revealed back in November of 2010 – is just about ready to roam the roads in Japan. On September 29, Nissan announced that seven electric Mobility Concepts will hit public streets in and around Yokohama, ...

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    Nissan reveals all-electric Twizy-based New Mobility Concept

    Nissan New Mobility Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At first glance, Nissan's New Mobility Concept fooled us. We looked at the images and saw nothing more than a slightly modified Renault Twizy with a Nissan badge and "zero-emissions" lettering. But when we turned to the ...


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