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    Official: Myers Motors goes the crowdfunding route with updated NMG2 EV

    Four years ago, Myers Motors was taking pre-orders for what was supposed to be a hyper-efficient, two-seat, three-wheeled vehicle, the NMG2. Then things went quiet. Real quiet. But, hey, whaddya know, there's been some activity. Thanks to tipster Sean, who was one of the original reservation ...

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    Video: Perpetual motion "regenerative acceleration" returns as ReGenX in an NMG

    We first encountered the "regenerative acceleration" system from Thane Heins years ago. You might think that seemingly impossible ideas like this would go off somewhere and never be heard from again, especially in this age of honest-to-goodness EV from major OEMs. But you'd be wrong. Thus, we ...

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    Quick Spin: Myers Motors NmG - redefining fast and small for the future

    Meyers Motors NmG - Click above for high-res image gallery
    digg_url = ''; It's ironic that the NmG we got to take for a spin during the Business of Plugging In conference in Detroit last week might be the last ...

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    Myers Motors gets $250,000 investment for NmG2, the secretive two-seat electric car

    Myers Motors NMG - click for high-res image gallery
    A registered team in the Automotive X Prize, Myers Motors has long been working on its single-seat NmG (pictured) and a much-more secret two-person NmG2 vehicle. The company's efforts just got a financial push thanks to a quarter-million dollar ...

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    Ohio refuses to license electric 3-wheelers

    According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, drivers in Ohio are facing problems when it comes time to register their electric three-wheeled vehicles. Most states classify three-wheelers as motorcycles, but Ohio adds one more item to their definition of a motorcycle: a saddle. This means that ...


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