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    Opinion: Tata eMO electric vehicle still on the drawing board

    Aystery still shrouds the presence of Tata Motors in the US auto market. The Tata eMO concept car received a lot of attention and praise a year ago at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show as an "electric mobility study." Oh, and because it sported a $20,000 price tag and roomy interior. On the gasoline ...

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    Official: Toyota claims green progress in 2012 environmental report

    The world's biggest maker of hybrid vehicles said its energy consumption per vehicle is down 15 percent during the past decade while greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle fell seven percent since 2008. These are just two of the details Toyota announced in its release of the latest North American ...

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    Honda leads all automakers with 11 LEED-certified sites in North America

    In North America's green race, Honda LEEDs the pack. Honda now leads all automakers with 11 certified "green buildings" in North America. Honda's North American powertrain division in Anna, OH and its Canadian headquarters in Ontario (pictured) both recently earned LEED certification from the ...

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    Canada wants North American fuel efficiency standard

    Canada's Environment Minister Jim Prentice believes that there should be a single fuel efficiency standard for all countries in North America. He says, "At this point in the United States, it would appear as though they are headed toward a 35 mile a gallon standard by 2020 and that would start to ...

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    Panamericana 25,000km trip using biodiesel off to a good start? Any start at all?

    Yesterday was supposed to be the launch day for the Panamericana biodiesel trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, the whole western edge of North and South America. We promised last week to keep tabs on what the Panamericana group is self-reporting on how the trip is going, but that’s ...

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    Camry Hybrid coming in May

    There are a lot of ways to get around in an automobile without a standard gasoline engine. While some people my enjoy the unique look of most hybrids or the distinct smell of biodiesel, anyone who wants to drive smarter without drawing any attention to themselves will get the chance next month when ...


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