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    Official: Egg-shaped, solar- and pedal-powered $5,500 ELF eco-trike on the way

    Remember the old Flinstones cartoons where Fred and Barney could make their cars go faster by peddling their feet on the ground under the car? One North Carolina-based company is putting its own spin on that concept. All for the sake of the environment, of course. Organic Transit is selling what ...

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    Report: North Carolina now charging $100-per-year EV road-use fee

    Tobacco Road just got a little more expensive for drivers of electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S. This year, North Carolina started instituting an annual $100 road-use fee for electric-vehicle drivers in order to close at least a little of the budgetary shortfall for road ...

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    Report: Tesla Motors wins in North Carolina, anti-competitive legislation dropped

    Chalk up another win for Elon Musk and the crew at Tesla Motors. The North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) had convinced its pals in the Senate to pass a bill with language that would have, among other things, banned the California automaker from selling cars in the state. After ...

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    Report: North Carolina governor test-drives Tesla Model S amid dealer fight

    Tesla scored a big point in the "hard sell" column in North Carolina recently, when the chief executive of one of the states opposing direct-to-consumer vehicle sales got behind the wheel of a Model S electric vehicles, the Silicon Valley Business Journal says. With Tesla lobbyists recently ...

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    Report: North Carolina targets Tesla, considers banning direct-to-consumer sales

    North Carolina is the latest state to line up against Tesla Motors by proposing a bill that would bar direct automaker-to-customer sales within the state, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. Still, Tesla says plans to open a showroom there and has sold about 80 cars to North Carolina ...

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    Report: Ride The Future EV advocates plan very quiet, 3,000-mile drive across US

    In 1946, Bobby Troup penned the ultimate road-trip tune (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66. Almost 70 years later, a group of ambitious electric-vehicle enthusiasts are putting their own spin on the prototypical east-to-west US voyage with the Ride The Future Tour. Kicking off July 4 (how American), ...

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    Official: Raleigh, NC becomes first US city to adopt wireless EV charging project

    North Carolina's Research Triangle may be one of the most "wired" places in the US when it comes to technological advancements, but why stop there? To take the lead in electric-drive vehicle adoption, go wireless. Raleigh, NC has become the first US municipality to join the Apollo Program, which ...

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    Official: North Carolina plant boosts U.S. lithium capacity

    Tobacco Road? Try lithium. Rockwood Lithium, as part of the federal government's Recovery Act, opened a larger lithium factory in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, to help meet what's expected to be an increase in lithium demand stemming from more purchases of plug-in vehicles. The expanded plant ...

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    Official: Obama's EV Everywhere plan sets 2022 goals for U.S.-made electric vehicles

    President Barack Obama on Thursday outlined his administration's EV Everywhere plan designed to cut gas-powered vehicle use over the next decade. Speaking at a Daimler truck plant in North Carolina, Obama set a 2022 goal of having the U.S. produce a five-passenger electric vehicle that would ...

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    27 Chevrolet Volts headed to utility fleets in North Carolina

    Whether or not consumers purchase a Chevrolet Volt depends on the ability of electric utilities to provide uninterrupted power to support charging the vehicles, says General Motors. That's why the first 27 Volts headed to North Carolina will go to major utility companies under a partnership ...

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    GM, OnStar kick off real-world smart grid tests with Carolina utilities

    At the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC today, General Motors announced it is going to get into the real-world smart grid game with a new pilot program. The test will involve a number of Chevy Volts and GM's OnStar service. 27 Volts are headed to local utilities and GM says that "hundreds ...

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    Asheville, NC students wash cars to raise money to convert one to electric power

    Getting to own an electric car can be expensive. The bar looks even higher if you're a group of high school students. Students at the School of Inquiry and Life Sciences at Asheville, NC decided to use cars to buy a car. They held a car wash that raised money to convert a 1993 Mazda B2600 pickup ...


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