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    Official: Volvo will sell 475 hybrid buses to Quebec

    Swedish vehicle maker Volvo has received its largest-ever order for hybrid buses, a deal to supply Quebec with a huge fleet of 475 units, with an option to buy another 1,200. Volvo's Nova Bus division plans to deliver the buses in early 2014 and the buses will be distributed through Quebec's nine ...

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    Nova Biosource makes first million gallon of biodiesel in Indiana

    Nova Biosource announced that its Illinois-based refinery has reached the million gallons milestone after 25 days of production. The plant is expected to reach 60 million gallons of ASTM standard biodiesel per year using three processing trains, although the milestone was reached with only one. ...

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    ABG Preview: NOVA Earth Day Special - The Car of the Future

    Tuesday night the PBS science program NOVA will feature an Earth Day look at "the Car of the Future." WGBH, the Boston PBS station that produces NOVA sent us an advance copy of the show to take a look at. Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who are perhaps better known to fans of the NPR show Car Talk as Click ...

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    Two Nova Biosource Fuels biodiesel plants operating at reduced capacity

    Nova Biosource Fuels has two refineries that make ASTM standard biodiesel that are either up and mostly running or on the mend. The two plants, when both are working at full capacity, can make 80 million gallons of biodiesel a year. The capacity isn' quitet there yet, and Nova's eventual goal is an ...

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    Click and Clack talk future cars on Nova, then you can create your own re-mix

    The guys that make all the traditionally staid staff at NPR cringe whenever they come on the air will be making an appearance on NOVA this week. Tom and Ray Magliozzi will be going in search of the car of the future on the PBS science show on April 22 (which is, of course, Earth Day). To those of ...

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    Nova's Car of the Future documentary coming this Earth Day

    Take one part NOVA (the PBS show), two parts Click and Clack, and a smattering of narrator John Lithgow and open source mentality and you've got the blueprint for the upcoming "Car of the Future" show. This program will air on public television stations in the U.S. at 8 pm on Earth Day, April 22nd ...


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