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    Report: Drive an EV and you, too, can pay the equivalent of 75 cents a gallon

    One in six households can party like it's 1979 by purchasing a plug-in vehicle. Add a thumpin' sound system to that vehicle and you can celebrate by pumping out an appropriate hit from that year, too. We think Chic's Good Times would be appropriate. Thanks to special rates for households with ...

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    Official: Minnesota scores first-in-US statewide EV charging discount rate
    Filling up your battery in off-peak hours will now be cheaper, by law 1402674960

    The Land of 10,000 Lakes is now No. 1 when it comes to cutting electric-vehicle recharging rates. Minnesota has become the first state in the union to require investor-owned utilities to offer consumers discounted rates for EV charging during off-peak hours. You betcha. More than 1.3 million ...

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    Smart charger for plug-in vehicles developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    Automakers are working with various electric utilities around the world to figure out how to best integrate vehicle with the grid. One of the requireents for the coming flood of plug-in cars is a way to smarten up the cars' energy use. A research team at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest ...

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    U.S. electric grid has capacity for a lot of plug-in hybrids

    A new study for the Department of Energy has identified massive idle "off-peak" electricity production and transmission capacity in the existing electric power system. So much so in fact that it could power 84 percent of the 220 million vehicles in the U.S. if they were plug-in electric vehicles. ...


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