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oil drilling

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    Report: Obama calls for spending $2 billion in oil lease revenues on clean vehicles

    President Obama wants to know how many clean cars $2 billion can buy. In an announcement expected later today, the President is expected to ask Congress to use $2 billion that the government has raised from allowing oil and gas exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf to fund clean energy ...

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    Report: Petrobras drillship attacked by pirates off coast of Africa

    Pirates? Terrorists? You make the call. gCaptain reports that just months after arriving on location, the Petrobras-owned Ocean Rig Poseidon was recently attacked while drilling for oil off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. Officially, Tanzania's Registrar of Ships released this statement:


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    EPA says Shell's Alaskan drilling plans close to receiving final approval

    In early May, Shell presented its oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. Now comes word that Shell, with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is ever so close to developing an essential air ...

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    Obama to let oil drilling escalate in Alaska [w/video]

    As part of a broad plan aimed at blunting critics who say the President isn't doing enough to address soaring energy prices, Barack Obama announced during his weekly radio address on Saturday that drilling for oil in Alaska – a state that's thought to have vast oil reserves – will ...

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    Shell trying to convince Obama to let it drill for oil in Alaskan waters

    Later this week, Shell Oil will present its ambitious oil-drilling proposal to the U.S. government, seeking permission to drill ten exploratory oil wells in Alaskan waters. The ice-clogged Arctic region is thought to have vast oil reserves. Over the past five years, Shell has worked to convince ...

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    U.S. approves Exxon Mobil's request for deepwater drill in Gulf

    Let them drill, says the U.S. Department of the Interior. On Monday, regulators approved Shell's offshore plan that calls for the drilling of three exploratory wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, on Tuesday, Exxon Mobil was granted approval to drill in the deep waters of the Gulf, marking the ...

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    Shell chooses oil over whales, threatening Western Pacific Gray

    "Pesky whales. They just have to have their feeding grounds right where we want to put another oil platform. Well, too bad for them." That would seem to be the attitude over at the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company offices, of which Shell is the largest partner after Russia's Gazprom. The ...

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    Let Them Drill: Poll shows 73% of Americans oppose ban on offshore drilling (or does it?)

    In response to BP's catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama immediately placed a six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling efforts, a move which affected 33 deep-water drilling projects. While many people initially applauded Obama's decision, public sentiment in the ...

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    Drill Baby Drill? Obama says, "Yes we can"

    President Obama seems to be taking a similar tack with his environmental agenda as he did with healthcare, starting by cutting his most strident supporters off at the knees by conceding points before the debate even begins. With the healthcare issue it was a single-payer system that was left off ...

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    Bush approves offshore drilling to spur on Congress

    There has been a US ban on offshore oil drilling for the past 27 years, and George Bush Sr. signed off on an executive order echoing the ban in 1990. Originally, the ban was agreed upon to protect the beaches and tourism economies of coastal towns, and now global warming has been added into the ...

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    Gingrich presents three ways to lower gas prices

    Click above to watch the video With fuel prices skyrocketing worldwide, everyone is clamoring for a solution. So, who better to turn to for a conservation plan than a leading Conservative? Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, presents a three-part plan that entails tapping into the ...

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    Official U.S. plan for offshore drilling expected on Monday

    Some months back, we ran a posting which indicated that the area near Bristol Bay, Alaska may be open for offshore drilling for oil in the near future, and that there were certain groups who were opposed to the plan. Well, if this story interests you, keep your ears open on Monday, because that is ...


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