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    Study: OPEC isn't too worried about EVs

    OPEC writes that "pure plug-in electric cars are unlikely to gain a significant market share in the foreseeable future." Do you notice those thin pink and salmon-colored lines representing plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles up in that chart up there? Yeah, it took us a while to spot them, ...

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    Study: University of Maryland study reiterates Peak Oil threat

    Just because gas prices have been steadily declining since March doesn't mean we should all get comfortable with the idea of lower refueling costs and a dependable fuel supply. In fact, a University of Maryland study titled "Economic Vulnerability to Peak Oil" pushes the panic button a bit. The ...

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    Read This: How Norway's oil industry supports EVs in an 'ironisk' twist

    Norway is Europe's undisputed electric vehicle leader. It is also Europe's largest oil producer. The way these two facts intertwine is what The Globe And Mail calls "ironisk," the Norwegian word for, well, you can probably guess. That irony has some interesting highlights. The Tesla Model S was ...

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    Official: Global petroleum use hits record high, thanks to boom in Asia

    An ever-increasing number of fuel efficient vehicles combined with changes in driving habits have contributed to reduced petroleum consumption in recent years in both North America and Europe. Despite this, global petroleum consumption is on the rise, according to the US Energy Information ...

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    Read This: The history of biofuels goes back 300 years

    While the history of electric vehicles has been getting a lot of play lately, biofuels have quite a story to tell as well. Hemmings Daily just featured a brief history overview that's full of surprises – one is that biofuels date back more than 300 years, well before any real internal ...

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    Read This: How Big Oil gets bigger: over $620 Billion spent on subsidies for fossil fuel in 2011

    We're being duped by Big Oil. The worse part is that governments around the world are working tirelessly to make sure the game is rigged in their favor. That's what Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute, is saying, and he has the numbers to back the statement up. Estimates from ...

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    Study: Oil supply will be 'less tight' than expected

    Ah, just what a bunch of V8-starved Americans need to hear. An International Energy Agency (IEA) report released last week says that the combination of weak global economies, increased oil supply from the Americas and better extraction technology will make oil "somewhat less tight over the ...

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    Petrol crisis thriller "Fumes" makes statement, looks for backers

    "The UK's fuel supply has run out and the country is coming apart at the seams... Jared must escape London to reach his wife and child. He siphons the petrol from his own car to prevent it from being stolen, but just as he is getting ready to leave, there is a knock at the door... It's an old ...

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    Report: Hackers bring down Big Oil's computers at Saudi Aramco

    Computer hackers have moved beyond the U.S. military to cyber attack another enemy: Big Oil. Recently, hackers hit Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil producer, and disabled 30,000 of its workstations. A group of "hacktivists" calling themselves Cutting Sword of Justice released a statement on ...

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    Report: How Romney and Obama differ on fossil fuels and the energy debate

    Last week, Mitt Romney released a comprehensive energy plan. While taking a backseat to the economy and job creation, energy issues have been discussed regularly by presidential candidates Romney and Barack Obama, and their viewpoints diverge widely. In its online magazine, conservative think ...

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    The U.S. is exporting oil products, so why is the price of gas still high?

    It has always been the habit of the party that doesn't occupy the White House to blame various ills on the party that does. Especially in the past few years when it has come to gas prices, the party-in-waiting has blamed the POTUS for "pain at the pump." We're not taking sides here – ...

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    Report: DOE's Chu again says EVs are a solution to foreign-oil problem

    Even though we're in the early phase of modern electric cars and sales haven't been as high as some expected, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu continues to promote electric vehicles as a way for the American economy to cut its dependence on increasingly expensive foreign oil, MarketWatch reports. ...

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    Report: Tesla stock sale nets Abu Dhabi $113 million

    Talk about hedging your bets. Abu Dhabi National Energy (TAQA), which is majority owned by the emirate, netted $113 million from selling its seven percent stake in Tesla Motors recently, Arab News reports. Abu Dhabi, which gets most of its wealth from oil, doubled its investment in the Bay ...

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    Video: Kermit, Miss Piggy rip into Fox over claims of anti-oil, liberal Muppet messages

    What's next, Tom and Jerry vs. PETA? "The Muppets" characters Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are going toe to toe with Fox News after the news organization accused "The Muppets" movie of peddling liberal-backed, anti-oil messages to unsuspecting children. Speaking in a press conference ...

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    Why alternative energy has a hard time: fossil fuels get 250 subsidies

    If you think ending the ethanol subsidy puts all fuel sources on an equal footing, think again. While there has been a great deal of vitriol directed toward subsidies for alternative energy and plug-in vehicles, very little has been heard about the ways in which fossil fuels are given a huge ...

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    Study: Global spending on advanced oil, gas exploration tech to hit $10.17 billion in 2011

    Although the Arctic has incredible potential energy resources – the United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates 90 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and 1,668 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered gas – extracting that fuel will be costly. A calculated and cautious approach to ...

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    Biofuel breakthrough? Valero to extract corn oil during ethanol production process

    Back in March of 2011, a Valero representative posted this response to a question on a Yahoo! Finance message board:

    Thank you for your interest in Valero Energy. We do not currently extract corn oil at out ethanol plants, but this technology is under consideration and may be implemented in ...

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    Did you know Venezuela has the most oil? Meet the man in charge of it

    Quick, name the country certified by OPEC as number one in national oil reserves. Saudi Arabia? No. Canada? Nope. Venezuela? Bing! After redefining as extra-heavy crude a field previously classified as tar, OPEC certified the South American nation of Venezuela as the controller of the world's ...

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    City of Akron partners with Greenstar Recycling, Vadxx Energy to convert used plastics to oil

    Greenstar Recycling is partnering with the City of Akron to increase recycling in Ohio's fifth largest metropolitan area. Greenstar says it will construct a "state-of-the-art" recycling facility within the corporate limits of Akron. A city with a recycling facility is usually not worthy of ...

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    Gasoline demand falls to 10-year low in July

    The American Petroleum Institute (API) reports total petroleum deliveries (a measure of demand) fell by 0.5 percent in July, compared to the same month in 2010. Though miniscule, July marks the first time in 2011 that deliveries actually dropped when compared to the previous month. Perhaps more ...


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