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old cars

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    Report: Beijing scrapping dirty, old clunkers to reduce "heavily polluted" air

    Air pollution in China's capital city is reaching sobering levels. The World Health Organization warns that levels for fine airborne particulates that pose the greatest health risks should go no higher than 25 for 24-hour exposure on the PM2.5 scale. On January 22, the official Beijing government ...

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    Congress looks again at Cash for Clunkers program

    We knew it was coming. Right on schedule, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.) has introduced legislation to Congress that would pay drivers of older vehicles a predetermined sum to replace them with new or newer cars. Depending on the year of the vehicle being traded in, a voucher for up to ...

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    Turn that old 4Runner into an infant incubator

    Finding good uses for cars that can no longer drive is always good news. But it's even better when you can recycle old cars into infant incubators using a design from the engineers at Design that Matters. Approximately 3.9 million infants die every year in the developing world, and 1 out of 4 could ...

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    RAC: Cars over 18 years old should be scrapped

    The Royal Automobile Club Foundation in the UK has just released a report suggesting that any car built more than 18 years ago should be scrapped in an effort to clean up the roadways. Why 18 years? That would remove the vast majority of cars not equipped with catalytic converters, which was one of ...

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    States pay drivers to replace their older cars

    Considering that the legacy left behind by American car companies has little to do with being clean, there seems to be an increased sense of urgency by some U.S. states to replace the older fleet of vehicles with newer, and therefore cleaner, vehicles. The states with the two largest vehicle ...

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    Your old guzzler is headed south of the border

    If you thought trading in your old gas-guzzling car or truck for a shiny new hybrid or subcompact would help the planet by taking it off the road for good, you'd better think again. Shipping those old road warriors south to Mexico is now a big business. According to the Los Angeles Times, the ...


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