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    Report: How Tesla is getting around Michigan's 'no sales' law
    Turns Out, Canada Is Right Next Door 1416848460

    A fully-charged Tesla Model S can get from Detroit to Toronto if the driver doesn't have a lead foot. A more important US-Canada city tour would be from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario, which is only a two-mile journey through the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. This is key, because Tesla is thinking some ...

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    Report: Chrysler will study EVs, lightweight tech with Canadian universities

    Chrysler may have been relatively late to the game when it came to vehicle powertrain electrification, but the US automaker is looking to play some catch-up with a little help from north of the border. Chrysler will work with McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, at accelerating the ...

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    Report: Chevrolet Spark EV limited to fleets in Canada

    Chevrolet is stretching the extension cord for the new Spark EV to Canada, in addition to the previously announced markets of California, Oregon and South Korea. At the Canadian International Auto Show, Chevy announced that the sub-compact Spark EV will be available only for fleet use, according ...

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    Report: Canadian governments will invest $34m upgrading Toyota plant for Lexus hybrid

    Many Americans – Michael Moore excluded, of course – regard our neighbors to the north as friendly. But we imagine Toyota must be feeling even more warm and fuzzy that we do right about now. We imagine this because of the fact that Canadian government entities will kick in as much as ...

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    Official: Lexus RX450h to be made in Canada

    Sales are about to take off, eh? Toyota Motor Co. is counting on meeting what it says is "rising demand" for the Lexus RX450h by moving production of the crossover SUV hybrid north of the border. The Japanese automaker plans to build about 15,000 units of the model annually at its factory in ...

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    Report: Magna, Ontario announce $408-million electric vehicle deal

    Magna International and the province of Ontario are set to announce a massive investment of more than C$400 million ($408 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) into research and development of electric vehicle technologies, according to The Globe and Mail. The move is thought to be part of ...

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    Ontario's electric vehicle rebate plan excludes two-wheelers, trikes and most people

    When the Canadian province of Ontario first announced its lucrative rebate program for electric vehicles (EV), we'd venture to guess that residents interested in purchasing an EV were overjoyed. At $5,000 to $8,500, Ontario's rebate program offers one of the grandest monetary incentives for EVs ...

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    Ontario launches plug-in vehicle rebate program, first 10,000 applicants get up to $8,500 back

    Ontario has decided to reward early adopters of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) by launching one of the most lucrative rebate programs found anywhere. Beginning July 1st, Ontario will offer rebates ranging from $5,000 to $8,500 to individuals, businesses and organizations that ...

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    Tim Hortons reminds Canadians to 'drive green, eh'

    For those of you who hail from Canada or the Northeast United States, Tim Hortons needs no introduction. For the rest of our readers, a very brief history: picture a small-town doughnut shop that, over the last 50 years or so, has morphed into a combination Dunkin' Doughnuts/Starbucks/McDonalds ...

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    Volt engineers chat live from cold-weather testing in Canada tonight

    Want to know more about the cold-weather testing of the Chevrolet Volt that's currently taking place in Kapuskasing, Ontario? If so, come back to AutoblogGreen tonight for a live chat with Andrew Farah and Pam Fletcher from the Volt powertrain team. General Motors is hosting the chat and, if it's ...

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    Plug-in vehicles will get special license plate in Ontario next year

    digg_url = ''; Want to emblazon your ride with Ontario's new "environmentally friendly vehicles" license plate? There are two hurdles you'll have to jump. First, wait until next year when the plate actually becomes ...

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    Electrovaya gets $16.7 million investment from Ontario government

    It's not just the US government that is handing out money to companies involved in advanced battery development. The government of Ontario has decided to put up to $16.7 million into Electrovaya. The company is based in Mississauga, just west of Toronto. The money will be used to further the ...

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    Toyota chafes at Ontario $10,000 EV rebate, calls it GM subsidy

    Toyota Prius PHEV prototype - click above for high-res image gallery
    Stephen Beatty, managing director of Toyota Canada is not to thrilled with plug-in rebate plan announced by Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty this week. In fact, Beatty sees the plan as more of a subsidy for General Motors and the ...

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    REPORT: Ontario to announce incentives for plug-in vehicles, up to $10K

    Ford Focus EV "mule" - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The premier of the Canadian province of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, reportedly plans to announce a major incentive program for plug-in vehicles today in Toronto. Ontario has already given several billion dollars to General Motors and ...

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    Toronto Mayor rids self of Prius, gets Malibu hybrid

    Click above for a hi-res gallery
    There'll be no more Prius parked in the garage of City of Toronto Mayor, David Miller. The vintage 2003 Toyota import was chagrined to learn, whilst in the shop to correct an electronics problem, that it had been replaced by a almost-domestically-produced car, a ...

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    Better Place goes Canadian with Ontario electric car partnership

    The electric car deal-making juggernaut that is Better Place is staking its claim on a new territory. BP representatives are in Ontario this morning and, along with Ontario Premier McGuinty, announced a new partnership to advance the cause of EVs - what they're calling a Car 2.0 model - in the ...

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    Ontario will allow low-speed electric vehicles, with warnings, on public roads

    Photo by El Gran Dee. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Ontario, the Canadian province that's thinking of not letting kids onto three-wheeled eco-cars, has made a green car-friendly move by deciding that Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) will soon be allowed on the road. The rules for LSVs ...

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    GM agrees to build new mid-size hybrid, 6-speed transmission in Canada

    With a federal election coming soon in Canada, the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has begun to liberally spread the pork. The most recent example is a deal that will relieve General Motors of Canada from the repayment of $200 million in previous government loans in ...

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    Ontario premier backtracking on E10 promise

    The new backlash against ethanol as a fuel is causing the premier of Canada's largest province to rethink a plan that would have doubled the ethanol content of gasoline fuels by 2010. With more and more people blaming the diversion of food to fuel production for skyrocketing food prices, a lot of ...

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    Three electric vehicle companies ready to move south out of Canada

    Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company, Electrovaya and a "firm that is developing electric ice resurfacing machines" are three electric vehicle companies that have moved (or are planning to move) from Ontario, Canada to New York State thanks to big incentives from New York State Energy Research ...


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