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opel ampera

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    Official: Opel CEO talks new EV, will likely be fresh face for Chevy, too

    The rumored demise of the Opel Ampera has been confirmed, but there's good news, too. Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann has been busy Tweeting information about the brand's next plug-in vehicle, admitting that the Ampera is on the way out but that plug-in vehicles are here to stay. His Tweets, in ...

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    Report: Opel dropping Ampera, the European Chevy Volt, because of weak sales

    Sales of the Chevy Volt in the US have been fairly stable for the last few months (between a low of 1,478 and a high of 1,777 since March), but in Europe, the Opel Ampera (sister-vehicle of the Volt) has been trending downwards. The sales decline is prompting discussion that the vehicle will be ...

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    Video: Meet the mother-daughter team that's worked on almost every Chevy Volt

    It's Mother's Day, and we're soft enough we love our mothers enough to share a new video from General Motors with you. In it, we meet Monique Watson (left) and Evetta Osbourne, a mother-daughter team that works at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly where GM makes the Chevy Volt (along with all of ...

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    Official: Opel Ampera gets smart nav system for more efficient driving

    Could the European version of the Chevrolet Volt be smarter than its American brethren? In so many words, that's what General Motors' Opel division in Germany is saying after the Opel Ampera extended-range plug-in vehicle was chosen to conduct a test involving intelligent navigation systems. The ...

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    Official: Opel Ampera is Europe's best-selling passenger 'EV'

    Lost in translation? Opel, General Motors' European unit, says its Ampera – the better-looking sister vehicle to the Chevrolet Volt – is Europe's best-selling passenger electric vehicle, accounting for more than one in five EVs sold in the continent. Opel, citing May sales numbers, ...

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    Video: Translogic identifies differences of Opel Ampera

    Most gearheads know the Opel Ampera is the European near-twin of the Chevy Volt. There are obvious exterior differences, such as the Ampera's "boomerang" headlights and Opel badging, but inside, the only noticeable difference is another Opel badge on the steering wheel. Bradley Hasemeyer and the ...

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    Official: Ampera, the Chevy Volt's Euro sibling, wins Monte Carlo's alt-fuel rally

    The Chevrolet Volt's European sibling took home a checkered flag that might as well have been green instead of black and white. The Ampera extended-range plug-in hybrid vehicle won the this year's alt-fuel version of the Rally Monte Carlo on a combination of strong driving performance and ...

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    Official: Opel enters six Ampera plug-ins in Rally Monte Carlo alt-fuel race

    Think James Garner in "Grand Prix," only quieter. General Motors' Opel division is entering six Ampera extended-range plug-in vehicles in an alternative energy version of the Rally Monte Carlo this week, as the company looks to boost exposure for the European version of the Chevrolet Volt. The ...

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    Report: Chevy Volt sister car Opel Ampera gets 7,000 pre-orders, may hit 2012 sales target

    Found in translation? Demand for the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in hybrid vehicle in the U.S. has been up and down over the car's first 16-odd months, but executives at General Motors' Opel division in Europe are saying that the Ampera, the Volt's European twin, is getting some good ...

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    Report: Opel Ampera delayed over Chevy Volt battery fears

    Automotive News reports that, as suspected, Opel is delaying delivery of its Ampera extended-range hybrid to customers. The plug-in gas-electric hatchbacks have already arrived at dealers across Europe, but the automaker wants to ensure the vehicles' batteries are safe even in the event of an ...

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    Report: GM increasing Opel Ampera production target given higher-than-expected pre-orders

    The Opel Ampera may be very similar to the Chevy Volt under the skin, but a lot of people in the U.S. would argue that the Euro-plug-in's skin is far more attractive. Apparently a lot of Europeans agree. First year production for the Ampera had been targeted for 8,000 units, but high demand has ...

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    Report: Opel aims to be "leader in electric mobility"; production RAK e possible

    General Motors' German arm, Opel, wants to be the "market leader in electric mobility," according to the automaker's head of sales and marketing, Alain Visser. That's one task that's easier said than done, for sure. Still, with the plug-in Ampera scheduled to launch next month, Opel says it's ...

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    Rumormill: Lured in by Opel Ampera tech, BMW seeks deal with GM

    Spiegel Online set the rumormill ablaze with an unconfirmed report that General Motors is seeking some sort of cooperative deal with German automaker BMW. Speigel says The General's interest in BMW is primarily related to the German firm's gasoline and diesel engine technology. Beyond that, ...

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    Report: Opel seeking hybrid powertrain partner

    Opel Ampera – Click above for high-res image gallery
    German newspapers are reporting that General Motor's European unit, Opel, is seeking a hybrid powertrain partner to reduce development costs as the automaker eyes the future rollout of more gas-electric vehicles. Opel boss ...

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    Rumormill: Second-generation Opel/Vauxhall Ampera to be cheaper, more radical

    2011 Opel Ampera – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors says it will pump out 10,000 Opel and Vauxhall Amperas for sale in Europe in 2012 and that Opel will get 6,000 Amperas, with the remaining 4,000 shipping to Vauxhall dealers in the UK. Additionally, Opel chief ...

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    Report: General Motors to build 10,000 Opel, Vauxhall Amperas in 2012

    2011 Opel Ampera – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors says it will pump out 10,000 Opel and Vauxhall Amperas for sale in Europe in 2012. The breakdown, according to GM Europe president Nick Reilly, will go something like this: Opel gets 6,000 Amperas from GM's allotment ...

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    Europcar to add Opel Ampera to fleet of rental vehicles

    Last March, rental agency Europcar, pre-ordered 500 electric vehicles from Renault to add to its fleets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Now, Europcar is back at it again. This time 'round, the rental agency has announced that it will add an undisclosed amount of the "go anywhere at any ...

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    Bibendum 2011: Opel Ampera not only looks better than the Chevy Volt, it can do more, too

    One of the joys of this year's Michelin Challenge Bibendum is getting to drive a lot of Europe-only vehicles. In GM's case, that means the Mervia all-electric hatch and the Opel Ampera, more commonly known stateside as the Chevy Volt's better-looking twin. Opel also had two Amperas at Bibendum, ...

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    Report: BMW hires Frank Weber, former lead engineer for the Chevy Volt

    BMW has hired away former Opel exec Frank Weber, according to Automotive News Europe. In his new position, Weber will report to Klaus Draeger, BMW's head of research and development. The hiring of Weber shows that automakers value expertise in the alternative-technology vehicle segment, since BMW ...

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    Report: GM readying Buick Ampera

    According to a new report from Bloomberg, General Motors is working on a Buick-badged version of its Opel Ampera plug-in hybrid, Europe's mechanical twin to the Chevrolet Volt. The car hasn't received final approval yet, as GM still isn't sure it can get buyers to justify the inevitable premium ...


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