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    Official: Used Nissan Leaf batteries support solar energy system in Japan

    The spiritual among us will view Sumitomo and Nissan's installation of its first-ever used-electric-vehicle-battery storage as a bit of divine reincarnation. But the idea is quite logical and practical. The two companies formed the 4R Energy Corporation in late 2010 and have now installed what ...

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    Video: Japanese Leaf owners praise EV's low cost of ownership, want more range

    In a message that can't be lost in translation, Japanese Nissan Leaf owners want a longer single-charge range from their electric vehicles. That was the primary qualm from about 100 Leaf owners who attended a recent Nissan event with Nissan-Renault chief Carlos Ghosn. The owners, a small sample ...

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    Report: With blankets in cold weather, Nissan Leaf taxi experiment not working in Osaka

    There are quite a few taxi operators testing out electric cars by adding Nissan Leaf EVs to their fleets – whether that be New York (pictured), Hong Kong or Mexico City. It's a channel for the global automaker to sell more of the cars and give more people their own experience of being ...

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    Yamaha tests golf cart powered with cow dung

    What can you do with cow dung? We can think of at least one green car option: transform it into biomethane and use the gas to power a golf cart. This is what the engineers at Yamaha in Katori, in Chiba Prefecture. Osaka Gas Co. provided the methane at a low cost. It was then stored in a special ...


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