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    Official: 260.5 EVs set world record for electric vehicle parade [w/video]

    Norway has long led Europe in electric vehicle adoption, and now the country's EV advocates can boast of holding a new world record: the largest-ever gathering of moving electric vehicles. We are particularly amused that the record was set by 260 and a half EVs, since one of the cars was a ...

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    Report: Strong incentives help Norway love electric vehicles after all these years

    Norwegians are buying a lot of Nissan Leaf vehicles and have the most Tesla Model S reservations in the European market. While the US is a major market for electric vehicles, the sales numbers are proportionally huge for Norwegians. US electric vehicle sales look to be close to 50,000 for plug-in ...

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    Toyota to test Prius PHEV in Oslo, Norway

    Toyota Prius PHEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With all the bad news about Toyota recently, it's about time for something a bit more positive. Toyota is in the process of deploying a fleet of several hundred plug-in Priuses in Japan, North America and Asia. Of the 200 Prius ...

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    Electric car sharing coming to Oslo, Norway

    It's about to get a lot easier to drive a Th!nk City electric car. Residents of Oslo, Norway - and tourists - will soon (i.e., tomorrow) be able to participate in a new car sharing plan called Move About. As of May 27, Move About will start public car sharing with 13 electric vehicles at three ...

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    First hydrogen highway opened in Norway

    Mazda Hydrogen RX-8 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Now that Mazda has shipped the first Hydrogen RX8 REs to Norway, our thoughts naturally turn towards the driving experience. Since the biggest question surrounding hydrogen-powered vehicles right now is where to find an appropriate ...

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    Norwegian scientists confirm that transport is responsible for climate change

    Although it might not be a surprising revelation, some investigators in the Center for Development and Environment Research at the University of Oslo have published a report that quantifies and specifies what's the real effect of development and the environment. According to this report, ...

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    Mazda sells 30 Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicles to project HyNor

    Mazda is sending 30 Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicles to Norway next summer, the first time the company has sold hydrogen vehicles outside of Japan. The buyer is HyNor (the Hydrogen Road of Norway), which is a Norwegian national project that is also running some hydrogen-powered Priuses, converted by ...


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