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    Report: Tesla Model S reduces colors with new options

    The Tesla Model S is no longer a "green" car. Or brown, for that matter. Call it a case of streamlining. The California-based automaker will reduce the option choices for the Model S by reducing the number of variants and colors available on its only production vehicle. Elon Musk made the ...

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    Official: Nissan tests 'self-cleaning' paint on Leaf models in Europe

    Once upon a time, self-cleaning ovens were all the rage. Now, Nissan thinks the concept may apply to its vehicles. And the Japanese vehicle maker is testing it out on some of its Leaf battery-electric vehicles Europe, no less. Nissan says its trying out what's called a "superhydrophobic and ...

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    Official: 2014 Chevy Volt available in two new colors, Brownstone Metallic and Ashen Gray Metallic

    General Motors is adding two rather businesslike color choices for potential buyers of the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in: Brownstone Metallic and Ashen Gray Metallic. Chevy will offer the two new colors on the 2014 model-year Volt, which folks can start ordering next month. The addition ...

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    Official: Even Nissan's paint plant in Smyrna is green

    Nissan has already boosted its green credentials in the US by moving production of the all-electric Leaf to Smyrna, TN. The Japanese automaker is now taking that effort one step further with a new vehicle-painting facility next door. Nissan just opened a 250,000-square-foot painting facility that ...

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    Official: Smart highways can charge EVs, give weather warnings

    Gotta love those Dutch folks. Designer Daan Roosegaarde is teaming up with Heijmans Infrastructure to dream up smart highway lanes that not only give drivers weather information by "glowing" but will eventually be able to help recharge electric vehicles. Presented at Dutch Design Week this ...

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    Rice University scientists devise spray-painted battery [w/video]

    Talk about lightweighting. Rice University researchers have figured out a way to – wait for it – spray paint the components of a lithium-ion battery onto any hard surface, suggesting that someone looking to get a little rechargeable power can make like Earl Scheib. The mad scientists ...

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    Study: Cooler-colored cars are up to 2 percent more fuel efficient than darker-colored ones

    If there's one thing we've learned while watching the auto industry scramble to increase the fuel efficiency of its vehicles, it's that there's fuel to be saved everywhere you look, if you look hard enough. But would you have ever thought that fuel savings could be found in a car's ...

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    General Motors' flame treatment tech gets paint to stick without solvent primer [w/video]

    General Motors is introducing a flame treatment technology that it says lets paint stick to plastic and door panels without using solvent-based primers. The General says this breakthrough eliminates harmful emissions that "foul the air" when primer is sprayed. Making the painting of a vehicle ...

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    New Mazda paint system reduces VOC and CO2 emissions

    In the ongoing effort to reduce the environmental impact of building cars, automakers are re-evaluating their paint systems (see here). Mazda has introduced a new water-based system at its Ujina Plant No.1 that slashes volatile organic compound emissions by 57% compared to current ...

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    Corvette plant's old paint recycled for power

    Q. What do the Tennessee Valley Authority, General Motors and Waste Management have in common? A. A Corvette plant in Kentucky.Thanks to the "From Vettes to Watts" program, dried paint solids from the overspray (made from airborne paint that is sprayed onto the vehicle but doesn't stick) created at ...

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    Toyota looks to green its painting process

    There's more than one way to paint a car. We've featured models with cans and brushes, the option of going sans paint entirely and we've even seen electricity generated from leftover paint fumes. Of course, automakers strive for the highest paint quality possible. The processes they come up with ...

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    Videos: Toyota's self-driving electric car, GM's paint shop goes green

    Lori Harfenist, a really funny vlogger, was hired by GM to cover the Detroit Auto Show and she filed a report all about green stuff. You can watch Lori interview a GM's color and pigments designer, NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon, Designer: Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia and Def Jam Founder Russell ...

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    Ecology Coatings patents new eco-friendly automotive coatings

    Just what is "liquid-nanotechnology", and why would I want my car covered in it? First, "liquid-nanotechnology" is what Ecology Coatings calls their product. Second, because unless you are driving a Delorean or a future Citroën, your car is most likely painted, maybe a few times at that. So, ...

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    CitroŽn may offer the option not having a paint job

    There were lots of flashy cars at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Citroën C-Cactus concept was not the prettiest but it was well thought out with ideas that may soon go into production. The designer of the C-Cactus, Gilles Vidal, says "we wanted to look at the whole environmental question from ...

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    Ford turns paint fumes into fuel

    While BMW is powering its Spartanburg S.C. paint shop with recycled methane gas, Ford Motor Co. has developed a fumes-to-fuel system which allows conversion of the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) given off by paint fumes into fuel that generates power, according to a Detroit Free Press article. ...


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