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    Report: Panasonic ready to start big investment in Tesla Gigafactory

    To paraphrase Dr. Evil from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, why spend a trillion when you could spend ... billions? That's what Panasonic is saying about its investment in Tesla's gigafactory, though there's a catch. The billions are in Japanese yen. Yes, Panasonic will invest "tens ...

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    Official: Tesla, Panasonic officially partner up for Gigafactory

    The first of perhaps 'hundreds' of gigafactories is now one step closer to reality: Tesla and Panasonic have announced their official agreement to work together on the gigafactory. The two companies have worked together for many years on electric vehicles, but this new deal takes the partnership ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Panasonic, Tesla on Gigafactory deal?
    CO2 Capture Vs. Fuel Cycle Analysis; MBAs Get Chevy Volts; 2035 Fuel Consumption Predictions 1406666220

    Bentley has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for reductions of carbon, water use and waste production in manufacturing. The Carbon Trust is an organization that helps groups such as businesses and governments reduce carbon emissions, use of energy and resources, and waste output. From 2011 ...

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    Report: Panasonic has an idea to be Tesla's one and only gigafactory partner

    Samsung? Who's Samsung? That's what Panasonic is asking as the electronics conglomerate makes it clear it is looking to secure its position in Tesla Motors' plans to build a huge car-battery factory over the next three years. Panasonic is now saying it expects to be the only battery manufacturer ...

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    Study: Battery-pack production for plug-ins, hybrids, triples in three years

    Panasonic's standing in the plug-in and hybrid battery production industry has zoomed ahead like a Tesla Model S taking off from a standstill. That's appropriate because the Japanese company's relationship with the California-based automaker has been the primary reason for its growth, which looks ...

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    Report: Panasonic not sure about Tesla Gigafactory commitment; Texas dealers wary, too

    Just about the entire US southwest is ready to jump into the financial bed with Tesla Motors as the electric-vehicle maker looks for a place to put its massive "gigafactory." But lithium-ion battery maker Panasonic? Not so much, says Bloomberg News. Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga spoke to a ...

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    Official: Tesla expands li-ion battery deal with Panasonic, Supercharger network

    Tesla Motors is on the move today, announcing an expanded deal with Panasonic for more and better lithium-ion automotive batteries as well as progress on the US Supercharger network. To go along with the Supercharger news – which is all about the West Coast – Tesla is taking a ...

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    Read This: Tesla on pace to use more batteries than computer industry by 2017

    Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk is on a crusade to, among other things, rid drivers of the need to consume liquid fuel for their automotive transportation. Sounds easy, right? But it's the lithium-ion battery cell supply situation that's another story altogether. See, Tesla is ramping up production ...

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    Report: Tesla turning to Samsung SDI for batteries, Panasonic pumps up the volume

    Tesla Motors has, over its short life, sourced its batteries pretty much exclusively from Panasonic. Now that sales of the Model S are blowing up – expected to be in excess of 21,000 units this year, with production ability increasing to potentially double that – and the company's ...

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    Report: Toyota upping lithium-ion battery production 6x for introduction to Prius family

    There are already lithium-ion batteries in some Toyota vehicles (the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, the RAV4 EV and the European Prius+, for example), but the company's standard bearer – the non-plug Prius hybrid – still relies on nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells. But, the future belongs to ...

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    Report: Li-ion battery makers accused of price-fixing in lawsuit

    Hell hath no fury like a mobile-phone owner scorned. In this case, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are among lithium-ion battery makers that have been subject to at least 10 class-action lawsuits alleging that the manufacturers engaged in price-fixing practices to keep prices up, the New Jersey ...

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    Study: CNG vehicle sales will grow, global hybrid sales will grow more by 2015

    Saying that sales of hybrid and compressed natural-gas (CNG) vehicles will grow during the next few years is a bit of a "dog bites man" story, but at least one firm is willing to put some specific numbers on the tale. Consumer research firm TechNavio is doing the honors, giving specific ...

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    Two Wheels: Suzuki e-Let's electric scooter coming to Japan, Panasonic supplies drivetrain

    Suzuki has been testing its e-Let's electric scooter around its hometown of Hamamatsu for the past year and is now ready to send it out into the real world. Or, at least, the Japanese portion of the real world. While it doesn't have the kind of range that would prompt you to pen a letter home ...

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    Tesla Motors, Panasonic finalize lithium-ion cell deal for Model S

    Tesla Motors today announced it has secured a deal to get lithium-ion cells from Japan's Panasonic for its upcoming Model S sedan, a move Tesla says will allow it to keep its sedan priced as promised. Terms of the deal call for Panasonic to supply Tesla with enough li-ion cells for 80,000 Model ...

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    Panasonic opens fuel cell research center in Germany

    Following the success of its fuel cell development in Japan, Panasonic announced that it will establish the Panasonic Fuel Cell Development Office Europe in Langen, Germany. The facility, located within Panasonic's European research and development center, will initially focus on developing ...

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    Report: Panasonic to increase li-ion battery production in China

    According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Panasonic will ramp up its lithium-ion battery production in China in an effort to reduce manufacturing costs by approximately 30 percent. Panasonic wants to retain its position among the world's top lithium-ion battery manufacturers through cost ...

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    10,000 vending machine/plug-in vehicle charging stations coming to Japan by 2012

    Japan's fascination with vending machines is likely unmatched. As of 2008, 5.5 million vending machines were installed across the island nation and those machines, unlike the ones here in the U.S., don't merely dispense candy bars and soda pop. Some of Japan's vending machines sell exotic items ...

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    Panasonic invests $30 million in Tesla Motors *UPDATE

    Tesla Motors is about to get another stakeholder partner. Reuters is reporting today that Panasonic, which is already working with Tesla to provide lithium-ion cells for the Model S, will invest in the California automaker. Citing the Nikkei business daily, Reuters says Panasonic, "aims to work ...

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    "Lithium-ion battery prices may tumble 19 percent in 2010" (or how 'bout 25%?)

    According to a report from Bloomberg, a looming price cut stemming from oversupply in the rechargeable battery industry, may make electric vehicles more affordable, but could drive small-scale lithium-ion battery producers right out of the market. Panasonic Corp. and Samsung SDI Co., the world's ...

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    Panasonic introduces CO2-reducing, low-cost alkali metal catalyst for diesels

    Panasonic aims to purify exhaust gas from diesel engines in the most environmentally friendly way possible with its newly-designed alkali metal-based catalyst for decomposing particulate matter. According to Panasonic, the alkali metal compound accelerates the oxidation of particulate matter ...


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