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    Adopt a panda, solar-charge your electric car. What could be cuter?

    The San Diego Zoo is the site of a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station – designed to foster EV adoption and renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and assert San Diego as a clean energy leader. And, make the zoo a cleaner place for animals to live. Installation of ...

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    Fiat Panda production hits two million; most now live in Italy

    Since launching in May 2003, production of the fuel-sipping, second-generation Fiat Panda has topped two million units. Hard at work has been the crew at Fiat's factory in Tychy, Poland – sole production site for the Panda. Where have all the Pandas gone? Italy has snagged 1,204,734 ...

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    The Fiat Mamy; a Panda for eco-conscious moms

    Click for more images of the Fiat Panda Mamy
    You know that Europeans have the option to use minivans with decent mileage to haul around their children but still, for just a child or two on those tight and narrow streets, one might want something smaller, no? How about a Fiat Panda adapted for a ...

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    Stanford students think PANDA is the answer to silent EVs/hybrids

    Laws and regulations to force hybrid and pure electric car makers develops vehicles that emit a noise to alert blind people to their presence are under consideration. If EVs will one day need to beep or purr for pedestrian safety, what might the ideal system sound like? Two students at Stanford ...


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