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parking meters

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    Report: Madrid's new parking meters cost more if you drive a gas guzzler
    Elsewhere In The City, The Meters Are Just Plain Gone 1404340260

    The parking situation in Madrid, Spain went through two big changes this week. In some areas, the meters have been updated to know what kind of vehicle is parked there and charge dirty vehicles more money while giving discounts to cleaner ones. In another area, all parking meters have been ...

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    Study: Gas pumps found to be germiest things we touch

    We think Nissan has found its new spokesman for the all-electric Leaf. A microbiologist at the University of Arizona known as "Dr. Germ" says he's identified gas pumps as the biggest biohazard in modern society. According to The Los Angeles Times, the results of the good doctor's research show ...

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    Report: How much is that parking spot? Dynamic pricing says that depends

    Think parking in downtown Los Angeles is confusing now? Just wait until some meters start charge rates that vary based on demand. A pilot program approved the City Council of Los Angeles seeks to impose logic to radically alter the way meter prices are set in the city's center. City officials say ...

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    More solar powered parking meters are coming to the U.K.

    I have never gotten a parking ticket in my life, which is partly due to the fact that I never park next to a meter. Where I live in Northwest Ohio, there really is no problem finding adequate parking most of the time. But, what if your only choice was to park next to a meter, and because the meter ...


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