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    Exclusive: Automaker interest in open Tesla EV patents is decidedly lukewarm
    Exceptions Include Mahindra, BMW And Nissan 1403904480

    Tesla Motors made big headlines when CEO Elon Musk announced a few weeks ago that he would open up all of the automaker's patents. The response has been interesting, to say the least, with some electric vehicle advocates and investor groups praising the news and others saying that what Musk did ...

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    Report: Fisker assets will be auctioned tomorrow, here's the situation today

    The remains of Fisker Automotive - which might not even include the name and logo - are supposed to finally be sold off tomorrow, but the scene before the auction is anything but clear. As as reminder, the two bidding parties are Wanxiang and Hybrid Tech Holdings. Hybrid Tech was denied an ...

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    Report: Samsung files EV-related patents, could herald big bet on electric vehicles

    Samsung isn't talking, but a number of the South Korean electronics giant's recent patents are speaking volumes. The company has filed a number of patents for technology that could be used in electric vehicles, making many wonder if the company, which already makes batteries for plug-in vehicles, ...

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    Official: Toyota issued 1,491 patents in 2012 to take automaker top spot

    Toyota beat all its carmaker competitors for the title of most US patent filings last year, hands down. The Intellectual Property Owners Association reported that Toyota had 1,491 patents issued in 2012 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So, what is Toyota doing to generate that ...

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    Official: Ford Fusion Hybrid boosts company's hybrid patents from 30 to 500 in the past decade

    While Ford's new Fusion Hybrid is designed to put money back into the pockets of fuel-conscious consumers, some patent attorneys may also be a little more flush as well. The development of the model, set to debut later this year, helped Ford boost its number of patents related to hybrid ...

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    General Motors leads in fuel cell patent rankings, Honda in second place

    A recent survey by JP Patent Publication shows that, from 1980 to mid-2011, General Motors led the way with the highest aggregate score (total patent points) for fuel cell technology-related patents. In second place is Honda followed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Honda, with a score of 90.6 ...

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    Ford applies for patent on non-electric plug-in vehicle

    Plug-in vehicles are all the rage right now – witness the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Ford Transit Connect Electric all coming to market between now and the end of the year. Unfortunately, electric and hybrid vehicles carry a significant price premium over conventional models (most of the ...

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    More than half of General Motors' 2009 patent filings were for green tech

    Over the years, General Motors has not often been seen as a forward-thinking company when it comes to green technologies. Sure, the Chevrolet Chevette was one of the first American cars to crack the 30 miles per gallon mark (the diesel model got north of 50 mpg). True, the EV-1 experiment showed ...

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    REPORT: 76% of "electric propulsion vehicle" patent applications come from Japan

    Toyota is the undisputed world leader in hybrid vehicle sales, so it unsurprisingly follows that the company dominates the charts when it comes to patents for "electric propulsion vehicles." A recent study conducted by the Japan Patent Office on global trends in the EV industry found that 76 ...

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    Chart of the day: GM doesn't have the green tech patents

    Take a look at the left column of the chart above. As displayed in a new report called "Automaker Patent Assets Intelligence Report" by, this chart shows that GM's green tech patent focus is far, far smaller (as a percent of total portfolio) when compared to the rest of the auto ...


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