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    Report: Tesla gets legal go-ahead to sell EVs in Pennsylvania
    Gov. Corbett Signs Pro-EV Bill Into Law 1407796140

    Tesla Motors has been fighting to sell cars in many states, but has come up against laws prohibiting the electric automaker to exercise its direct-to-consumer business model. Such has been the case in Pennsylvania. Recently, though, Tesla worked out a deal with the Pennsylvania senate to approve ...

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    Report: Pennsylvania, Tesla approach five-store compromise [UPDATE]

    In the Keystone State, the compromise number between zero and unlimited is five, apparently. Pennsylvania's Senate applied that math in an attempt to resolve the issue of allowing Tesla Motors to operate company-owned stores in the state. The senate this week unanimously voted for a bill that ...

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    Report: 'Pro-Tesla' bill in Pennsylvania gets Auto Alliance to end neutral stance
    Would create an uneven playing field, says industry group 1402593120

    Unlike dealership groups all over the country, one automaker group isn't taking issue with Tesla Motors being able to sell its electric vehicles through company-owned stores in Pennsylvania. But the idea of no limits on its number of stores? That's a problem. The Alliance of Automobile ...

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    Official: BYD's 40-foot electric bus passes federal government's strength tests

    One down, two to go. BYD, which hopes to start shipping its electric buses to US municipalities later this year, says its 40-foot electric bus has passed the US federal government's structural testing program in Altoona, PA. The Chinese company wants to start selling two other models in the US as ...

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    Report: 100th anniversary of first gas station in US gives RFA a chance to tout ethanol

    December 1st marked the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first gas station in the US. It's an interesting anniversary, and ethanol advocates are using the occasion to tout the advantages of corn-based fuel, Domestic Fuel reports. The Renewable Fuels Association says Americans can save as ...

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    Report: Ford owners sue over MPG claims, 'under-performing' hybrids

    A group of Ford hybrid owners in Pennsylvania aren't feeling too fraternal with the Blue Oval, suing the automaker for allegedly overstating fuel-economy figures, Bloomberg News reports. The claim, which was filed in a Philadelphia court, seeks at least $5 million in damages and calls the Fusion ...

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    Official: Pennsylvania extends plug-in vehicle rebate program

    That Quaker State driver who gets plug-in vehicle rebate #501 isn't going to be real happy, but, hey, Pennsylvania can be a rough place. The state's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which has been giving out rebates for plug-in vehicle drivers since 2011, has announced it will ...

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    Official: Amp will help develop wireless paratransit EVs in Pennsylvania

    Amp Electric Vehicles recently said it'd get out of the business of converting SUVs to run on all-electric powertrains, and would instead focus on converting bigger delivery trucks. Now, Amp has reached an agreement to help develop paratransit vehicles for a Central Pennsylvania transit ...

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    Report: Pennsylvania may make neighborhood-electric vehicles street legal

    Pennsylvania, one of the last states holding out against legalizing neighborhood-electric vehicles (NEVs) – such as those from Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), pictured – for street use, may change its laws to allow NEVs on some streets with speed limits as high as 35 miles per hour, ...

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    Official: Pennsylvania turnpike plazas will all get DC fast charging stations for EVs

    Ready to take your all-electric car on a road trip? If you're headed along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 2013 might just be your year. The plan is to install EV charging stations in all 17 of the service plazas along the highway by June 30 of that year. Each plaza will get one Level 2 charging ...

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    Lancaster, CA trying to make friends with China; BYD in particular

    2009 BYD F3DM – Click above for high-res image gallery
    How does an American town try to appeal to Chinese companies thinking of expanding to the U.S.? How about by making a little video? Lancaster, CA's mayor, R. Rex Parris, gave his review of a recent promotional video the town is going to ...

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    Coskata's new Lighthouse cellulosic ethanol plant, in depth

    Coskata Lighthouse Cellulosic Ethanol Plant - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Coskata's newly-opened semi-commercial flex ethanol facility in Madison, Pennsylvania is as small as it can possibly be. Co-located at a Westinghouse facility that also in some fashion uses nuclear energy, the ...

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    Pennsylvania ready for 400 new jobs from CT&T's electric car plans

    e-Zone Electric Vehicle - Click above to enlarge
    Korean automaker CT&T, makers of the unusually-shaped e-zone neighborhood electric vehicle, intends to open two production, assembly and distribution facilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, according to an announcement from Gov. Edward Rendell ...

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    Axion Power gets $800,000 grant for lead carbon electric vehicle batteries

    Most of the attention in the world of batteries these days focuses on the wide spectrum of lithium ion chemistries. However, in the research labs there are still plenty of scientists, engineers and chemists trying to wring more performance out of our old friend the lead acid battery. Axion Power ...

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    How 'bout this? Biodiesel company rejects $1m grant

    It hasn't been a good time for first-gen biofuel producers. So, it comes as a pretty big surprise that a biodiesel company would reject a grant worth $1 million. The story of the Alternative Fuels Inc. can serve as a warning to anyone who wants to get in on biofuel production. Starting in March ...

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    Can't stop new public transportation expansions in Philly

    The southeastern Pennsylvania area is about to get a whole heap of fresh public transportation options. SEPTA, the local transportation authority, announced this week that it will expand or enhance 65 "transportation options" in the coming months, with most of these changes happening in September ...

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    Pennsylvania DOT settles on Azure Dynamics hybrid buses

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation likes what it sees in hybrid buses from Azure Dynamics. PennDOT placed an order for 10 eighteen-passenger Azure/StarTrans Hybrid Para-transit Citibus vehicles and may order 15 more in the future. The PennDOT hybrids will have a few specific abilities, ...

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    Pennsylvania commuters can win free gas for carpooling and taking the bus

    Pennsylvanians who want to take one of the easiest possible steps to reduce vehicle emissions, congestion and fuel use (I'm talking about carpooling here) are getting a push from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The PA DEP's is promoting a summer-long "Share the Ride ...

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    DEP wants Pennsylvania's diesel idling legislation toughened-up

    Right now, each state in the U.S. has its own laws regarding diesel engine idling, and legislation can vary greatly from state-to-state. Pennsylvania is considering creating new standards and Senate Bill 295 is currently being discussed by the House. The Department of Environmental Protection has ...

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    Holy pipeline, Batman: Midwest-to-East-Coast route a possibility

    There has been talk of a continental U.S. ethanol pipeline before. Back in 2006, Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) proposed legislation on the issue, but it didn't get very far. The idea didn't die, though. This past week, Magellan Midstream Partners and Buckeye Partners announced ...


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