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    Official: How the Pentagon plans to deal with climate change
    DOD Says Uncertain Cause 'Cannot Be An Excuse For Delaying Action' 1413314820

    In case the Pentagon didn't make it clear enough that climate change is a real and dangerous thing in its Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) earlier this year, perhaps the new Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (PDF) will drive the point home. Some of the content is roughly the same, but that title ...

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    Official: Pentagon says climate change is clearly a present danger, again

    Like the Olympics and leap year, the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) comes at us every four years. A big-picture look by the US military at the threats they see out there, the QDR (PDF) is a broad document, but you can read in it just how big the military thinks its mission is (global dominance, ...

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    Report: Pentagon to buy 1,500 Chevy Volts; critical comments can't be far behind

    Now it's going to get fun. Reports are out that the U.S. Department of Defense will buy as many as 1,500 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids from General Motors, and some folks are already in a tizzy about it. The New American reported that the Pentagon will buy the extended-range plug-ins in order ...

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    Pentagon deploys T3 Series electric three-wheeler for perimeter security

    T3 Motion Inc., makers of the T3 Series electric personal mobility vehicles, has announced that it will deploy two of its battery-powered Stand-up models at the world's largest office building – the Pentagon. The duo of T3 electrics will be utilized to monitor the perimeter of the ...

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    Perhaps now they'll listen: Pentagon adds climate change to national security debate

    The Pentagon is taking a serious look at how global climate change will dramatically affect the national security of the United States in the coming decades. The Pentagon's reasoning is as follows: climate change is going to be about the biggest SNAFU imaginable and could "topple governments, ...

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    Pentagon to use new fuel as it stakes its claims in old fuels

    Earlier this month, a company called O2Diesel Corporation announced it was developing a new type of renewable fuel for the Pentagon. The article, from The Auto Channel, describe this new fuel as a “cleaner burning alternative diesel fuel” and says it will be made up of 20 percent ...


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