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    EPA wants to make it easier for fleets to get off gas

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to make it easier for companies that sell fuel conversion systems to do so. Conversion systems allow vehicles originally intended to run on gasoline or petroleum diesel to run on an alternative fuel, typically naturals gas or propane, alcohol or ...

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    ZAP licenses Smart Charger Controller from Battelle

    Electric car maker/modifier Zap has been busy lately. At the end of February, they took an order for 100 electric SUVs from Korean company Samyang, who also happens to be its strategic investor and distribution partner. Now, they've announced an agreement with Battelle, an international science ...

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    Detroit 2010: Toyota's 2011 plug-in Prius release date is "aggressive" target

    Toyota Prius PHEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Bill Reinert is nothing if not an outspoken promoter of the Toyota brand. When we saw him at the Detroit Auto Show, we knew we needed to say hello and find out what is up with the plug-in Prius project and other environmental issues ...

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    At Witz' End: Notes from "The Business of Plugging In"

    Bright IDEA PHEV at the Business of Plugging In conference - Click above for high-res image gallery
    EV business may be booming soon I dropped by the Center for Automotive Research's (CAR) "The Business of Plugging In" conference in Detroit recently and came away with a collection of quotes and ...

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    Companies scramble to patent fuel-cell technologies

    After a lull in the number of hydrogen fuel-cell related patents being filed, companies are now scrambling to protect advances in fuel-cell development. Patent activity began to grow almost exponentially about seven years ago, initially led by specialist fuel-cell developers, but subsequently by ...

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    ABG POLL RESULTS: Best way to spend the DOE's money

    On the 13th February we posed the question "What is the best way to spend the DOE's money?", and asked you to vote for your favourite answer.After receiving 290 votes, the results are in and it looks like Lithium Ion battery technology was the clear favourite with 29 percent of the votes. Two ...

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    Venture Vehicles to design and build 100 mpg three-wheeled road-going jetfighter

    Click on the image for a gallery of 29 images of the VentureOne concept and the Carver three-wheeler. digg_url = ''; Venture Vehicles has announced that they will develop a two passenger, ...


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