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    An electric Comet is about to change public transportation in the Philippines

    For decades, the dirty diesel-burning jeepney has been the colorful face of public transportation in the Philippines. That may by about to change, with the introduction of the COMET (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport): a new approach to the traditional system, based around an ...

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    Official: EnerDel electrifies trikes in the Philippines

    Boracay is certainly a long way from Indiana. But business is business, and EnerDel has found some on that island in the Philippines. And, to quote the hip-hop lexicon, there's some three-wheeled motion to boot. The Indianapolis-based company reached what it says is a "long-term" agreement with ...

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    Report: Philippines could have 100,000 electric trikes by 2017

    From electric Jeepneys and electric tuk-tuks to a coconut oil-fueled bamboo taxi, the Philippines are no stranger to renewable energy vehicles. The pace of change could increase significantly soon, if a plan supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) goes through and the efforts of Manila ...

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    A truly renewable vehicle comes to the Philippines: coconut oil-fueled bamboo taxi

    Bamboo Taxi - click above image for high-res gallery
    Making powertrains more efficient is only one part of reducing the environmental impact of vehicles. The energy required to mine and process raw materials into the components that comprise a vehicle and then transport it to the end customer can ...

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    Motorcycles and scooters compete for fuel-efficiency bragging rights in Philippines

    Conspiracy theorists will need to take a back seat for this story, as Petron, the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, recently held a "race" called the Sprint 4T Endurance and Economy Run of 2009. This was the first year the event took place, and it was designed to pit ...

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    Phillipine police roll on patrol in a NEV

    The price of gas is getting out of hand everywhere. Ok, maybe not Venezuela, where its cheaper than our bottled water at ¢15 a gallon, but almost everywhere else, it's expensive. In the Philippines its so costly ($4.50 gallon in a country where, according to the Philippine National Statistics ...

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    Energtek announces natural gas two-stroke engine

    Energtek, which we remember from their ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) projects, has announced that they can successfully convert a two-stroke engine to use natural gas. The converted vehicle, a Yamaha RS100T motorcycle with a locally-produced sidecar, was converted to burn natural gas by utilizing ...

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    The Sinag solar car is unveiled in the Philippines

    Using a body of carbon fiber, Kevlar and epoxy swathed over a honeycomb core, the Sinag solar car, a first for the Philippines, is set to enter the 20th World Solar Challenge in Australia in October. The three-wheeled vehicle converts energy from the sun into electricity using 400 solar cells, ...

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    Palm oil production and prices soar on back of biodiesel

    The price of palm oil, which has gained favour over the last few years as a cheap biodiesel feedstock, is soaring. Another relatively new use of palm oil is as a trans-fat substitute for use in processed food. But the oil palm, grown mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia, is not well liked - it has been ...

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    Biodiesel blends now mandatory in the Philippines

    Last year Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo released an Energy Independence Agenda for her country that called for sixty percent energy self-sufficiency by 2010. Now the president has signed a bill into law that makes part of that plan mandatory. The Republic Act 9367 mandates five ...

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    Brunei National Petroleum looks to partner with the Philippines on biofuels

    It seems that the biofuels industry continues to expand with the news this week that Brunei National Petroleum Co. is looking to partner with the Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC) to build a biodiesel plant in the Philippines. Recently at an Asean Council on Petroleum meeting in Indonesia, PNOC ...

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    South East Asia expanding biodiesel feedstock production

    While rapeseed/canola continues to be the main biodiesel feedstock in Europe, and soy dominates U.S. biodiesel production, a host of other plants are moving biodiesel forward in other parts of the world. In the Philippines, the Biofuel Act is about to pass into law mandating the immediate use of ...

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    Alternative fuel use needs to increase in the Philippines says Manila Times editorial

    I'm looking forward to a new editorial template, one that doesn't just praise the promise of biofuels and wish for more amazing green cars to come soon. But I'll just have to wait a while longer. It seems this template is popular the world over. The Manila Times is the latest to adopt the pro-green ...


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