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    Official: Phoenix Motorcars working on 14-passenger electric bus

    It's been a long while since we've covered Phoenix Motorcars. Following the company's 2009 bankruptcy and a shift in focus away from light duty vehicles, Phoenix fell off our radar a bit. But, as promised all those years ago, Phoenix is still working on alternative-fuel vehicles and has just ...

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    Report: Nissan testing new, heat-resistant batteries for Leaf

    As Nissan Leaf sales continue to heat up, the maker of the electric vehicle wants to cool concerns over hot-climate battery issues by making chemical adjustments to battery packs, Green Car Reports says. Nissan executives met with about 10 Leaf owners in Phoenix last week and said the company is ...

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    Official: Kroger will add 225 ECOtality stations in western US

    Kroger, whose supermarket chains include Ralph's and Food 4 Less, will add more than 225 Ecotality charging stations at stores throughout the western US to bring its total to almost 300. Ecotality makes plug-in vehicle charging stations under the Blink brand name, which some EV drivers have had ...

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    Report: Leaf owners not happy with Nissan's response to battery problems

    The weather may have cooled off in the Valley of the Sun, but not the sentiments of some Phoenix-area owners of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. A town hall meeting that Nissan executives held with about 50 Leaf owners who felt scorned by the automaker for the EV's battery performance doesn't ...

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    Report: Nissan buys back two Leafs in Arizona under lemon laws [w/video]

    Hot on the heels of the first Fisker Karma lemon-law buyback, Nissan has confirmed that it bought back two Leaf electric vehicles in Arizona under that state's lemon law in response to ongoing battery issues there. There's a long and vibrant discussion of the situation over on My Nissan Leaf. ...

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    Report: Nissan drivers confirm heat taking toll on Leaf batteries

    Ouch. There's now some independent analysis that says the Nissan Leaf wilts in the heat. Led by Leaf owner Tony Williams, a group of Nissan EV owners tested a dozen Leafs in Phoenix last weekend. The group put the Leafs on a pre-planned route at pre-determined speeds to measure their fully ...

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    Report: Leaf owners challenge Nissan on "we don't have a battery problem"

    Things appear to be heating up in the desert. Some Nissan Leaf owners aren't buying the automaker's claim that suspected loss of battery capacity stems from issues related to the car's display readings and not fundamental battery issues. To prove the point, about a dozen Leaf drivers are ...

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    Report: Nissan dealing with charges of Leaf battery problems in Arizona [w/video]

    Some hot Arizona weather is cooling some Nissan Leaf owners' enthusiasm for their electric vehicles. Nissan is addressing complaints from five Arizona owners of Leafs who say the electric vehicles are losing battery capacity at a faster rate than advertised, reported KPHO, CBS's Phoenix ...

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    Phoenix Roadster weaves bamboo into biodegradable vehicle

    Bamboo offers plenty of advantages over traditional manufacturing materials. Besides being a fast-growing plant that can be produced in a range of environments, bamboo can be impressively strong and rigid. Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albercht Birkner have teamed ...

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    Geneva 2011: Saab PhoeniX Concept previews a new Swedish shape

    Saab PhoeniX Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been about one year since Saab and General Motors parted ways, and the automaker is hellbent on showing the world what it's capable of creating on its own means. In addition to an Independence Edition of the 9-3 ...

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    Spyshots: Is Phoenix Motorcars still working on a plug-in hybrid?

    Phoenix Motorcars PHEV? – Click above for image gallery
    Years ago, in 2007, Phoenix said it would build a plug-in hybrid vehicle with UQM Technologies, but with all of the trouble Phoenix has been through since then, we thought the project died out. When Phoenix rose from the ashes of ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars gives more details about new SUT, says "This road bump is behind us"

    We got a little more information from Phoenix Motorcars today about the introduction of the company's "newly configured Sports Utility Truck" this week. As we mentioned this morning, the SUT has been a long time coming and Bryon Bliss, Phoenix Motorcars' VP of sales and marketing, said that:


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    Phoenix Motorcars still not dead, will present "newly configured" electric truck at FedFleet

    It's been quite a long while since we last had any real news from Phoenix Motorcars to report, but, whaddya know, we do now. The long-struggling company just posted a new press release saying it will display its "newly configured Sports Utility Truck" at the FedFleet event in Phoenix, AZ this ...

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    Two wheels to the front: Arizona to legalize lane splitting, maybe?

    Picture this: It's ten minutes after five o'clock, your heading north on the 405 freeway, leaving Los Angeles. Few times will you appreciate your favorite two wheeled transportation more than this moment. For any of us that spend time traveling through California, we know the practice of ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars still on track to release all-electric SUT in 2010?

    Phoenix SUT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're still trying to figure out what is up with Phoenix Motorcars, but the company's website is hinting that things are going on behind the scenes. We don't remember this text on the site before:
    Phoenix Motorcars will release a consumer ...

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    Under the radar: What's up with Phoenix Motorcars and bankruptcy?

    Remember when Phoenix Motorcars was trying to get attention for their all-electric SUT with their friend Ed Begley, Jr.? Man that was a long time ago. We haven't heard an official statement from the company since they declared "We have not abandoned the alternative fuels transportation space" back ...

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    Phoenix man taps into the sun with his DIY solar motorcycle

    Click above to watch the video after the break
    Anyone living near Phoenix, Arizona would be able to tell you that there's a reason the area is nicknamed "The Valley of the Sun." It may be mildly oppressive from time to time (or just about all summer, depending on your point of view), but the sun ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars: "We have not abandoned the alternative fuels transportation space."

    Phoenix SUT - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Phoenix Motorcars has responded to our request for information about the bankruptcy filing news we heard about earlier this week.This email is written in response to questions we have received from Autoblog Green relating to our recent ...

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    Nissan and ECOtality will bring "electric vehicle corridor" to Arizona

    Recently, ECOtality and Nissan announced the creation of an EV Micro-Climate Working Group in the Tucson, Arizona area. Nissan and ECOtality just announced they will expand their Arizona electric vehicle project to Phoenix. The Renault-Nissan Alliance will work with the Maricopa Association of ...

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    SsangYong going for "radical restructuring" and "business as usual"

    Click above for high-res gallery of the SsangYong Actyon
    Last April, the SsangYong's future looked bright, with new diesel hybrid technology and a 20-vehicle global line-up trumpeted loudly. Things went downhill after that, with the company going into receivership (like Chapter 11 bankruptcy) and ...


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