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    Sollers offers to buy Ssangyong, make models in Russia

    Click above for high-res gallery of the SsangYong Actyon
    When SsangYong went into receivership last week, the question we naturally had was "What happens to Phoenix Motorcars now?" We still don't know for sure, but we might not need that answer right away if reports in Automotive News Europe ...

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    Ssangyong goes into receivership; Phoenix doomed?

    Just after SAIC provided some cash to keep Ssangyong operating a while longer, the company's board decided to go ahead and file for court receivership in South Korea. Under the rules there, the court has thirty days to decide if the company has what it takes to survive as a going concern. If the ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars Maui deal could use up to 30 SUTs; Altairnano Lithium Titinate battery use not certain

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Phoenix SUT
    Following yesterday's announcement that Phoenix Motorcars will work with the state of Hawaii to bring electric vehicles to Maui, we contacted Bryon Bliss, VP of sales and marketing for Phoenix, to get some more information. Bliss sent an email ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars is not dead, will bring electric vehicles to Maui (UPDATED)

    Curious about what Phoenix Motorcars has been up to? Taking trips to Hawai'i, apparently. The California company behind the all-electric Phoenix SUT (above) and SUV has announced it will bring electric vehicles to Maui by next year. What's interesting is that the Hawai'i-Phoenix joint press release ...

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    Chrysler's Jim Press says Phoenix V6 engine still on

    One of the many problems with Chrysler's product lineup is the aging powertrains. The six cylinder engines in particular are in desperate need of revamp, a project that the company announced it was working on in early 2007. Unfortunately, last week it appeared that amid all the financial market ...

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    Spy Shots: Phoenix Motorcars SUV

    Click above image to enlargeBlogger extraordinaire Mickey Kaus recently spied the above SUV innocuously parked in Santa Monica and sent us the photos, wondering if we had any clue what it is. As luck would have it, we do. The truck is a SsangYong Actyon SUV, but it's also more than that. You see ...

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    AFVI 2008: Miles, GEM and Phoenix share EV product line-ups

    click to enlargeThis week, at the AFVI Expo, I moderated a panel on the roll-out of electric vehicle products from Miles EV, Phoenix Motorcars and GEM. The representatives were Bryon Bliss, vice president of sales and marketing for Phoenix, Jeff Boyd, COO of Miles, and Richard Kaspar, GEM's ...

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    Altairnano still in the game for Phoenix Motorcars

    It appears that along with re-engineering the powertrain of their upcoming electric vehicles Phoenix Motor Cars has decided to hedge their battery bet. Phoenix was the first company to commit to using Altairnano's lithium titanate batteries in an automotive applications. However Canadian battery ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars to use Electrovaya batteries?

    In an interesting twist to the saga that is the development of the Phoenix Motorcars electric SUT & SUV program comes news that they are now partnering with a Canadian battery maker. In a press release from that company, Electrovaya says that they are now negotiating an arrangement with Phoenix ...

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    Top 20 green cars we wish we could buy today, Number 12: Phoenix Motorcars SUT

    After making a pretty big splash in 2006 around the same time that Tesla launched, Phoenix Motorcars has not made all that much noise about their four-door electric pickup, based on a SsangYong design. We enjoyed our drive in the electric SUT last year, and sincerely hope that the company is able ...

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    Phoenix Motorcars website gets a makeover, savings calculator

    Phoenix Motorcars, the company behind the much-anticipated electric SUT with the SsangYong body and Altairnano battery has given their website a fresh look in anticipation of increased traffic. Set to finally begin building their vehicles for fleet customers and take a few retail orders, the ...

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    Phoenix MotorCars building a plant in Puebla, México

    An online Mexican newspaper has announced that Phoenix MotorCars is building a manufacturing plant in the state of Puebla in México. The plant, which is made jointly with Pristine International, will create 1,500 jobs in the area. The plant will be built in a new industrial development area ...

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    Motley Fool sez AltairNano stock "missed the mark"

    The popular Motley Fool investment site today published a list of "3 Stocks That Missed the Mark." One of those is the common AutoblogGreen presence Altair Nanotechnologies. Now, AutoblogGreen doesn't get into investment tips or anything like that, but the Fool is not the only one to dampen the ...

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    C-NET tries to count all the electric car start-ups

    C-NET's Michael Kanellos did a little thinking out loud this week when he tried to list all of the electric car start-up companies (not major automakers working on EVs). He counted 16 small companies. The names on this list will be familiar to just about anyone who reads AutoblogGreen, but I ...

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    NYT: normal, affordable electric cars don't exist

    digg_url = ''; Sunday's New York Times has an article about the complete lack of a normal electric car the average person can afford. There are smaller vehicles you can buy and you can search Ebay for a good conversion or a ...

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    Clintons to drive electric SUV

    Not satisfied with a photo op with the President Bush in front of the White House, Phoenix Motorcars has lined up a test drive with the Clintons for today, August 17. There are no guarantees but we will probably see him beside the car. I don't know why but I can't wait for that photo op. Bill has ...

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    Phoenix books 75 orders for their SUT

    Phoenix Motorcars has their first firm orders for their upcoming electric pickup truck. They have received seventy-five firm orders from municipalities and one utility. Phoenix is the first automotive company to commit to using the Altairnano NanoSafe lithium ion battery. According to the Phoenix ...

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    EDTA Conference: revisiting Altair Nanotechnologies' NanoSafe batteries, Phoenix EV Truck

    On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Alan Gotcher of Altair Nanotechnologies broke down his company's batteries. Not physically, but verbally and with Powerpoint slides. In a room full of battery experts, Gotcher explained why his company's NanoSafe batteries are the top of the line. No one got up to call ...


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