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    Study: Peak Car is so 2004, now get on your bike and ride

    So, the US metropolitan areas with the largest percentage jump in commuters that bike to work are Portland, Madison, San Francisco and Denver. Now that we've gotten the "no duh" portion of the US Public Interest Research Group's (PIRG) recent study on urban driving habits out of the way, we can ...

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    Study: Our apps are helping us drive less

    The next time you fume when you see the numbskull in the car next to you texting from behind the wheel, consider this: mobile-phone applications are actually causing people drive less and use public transportation more. According to a study by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), mobile ...

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    Global warming strategy from PIRG

    An editorial in the Charlottesville Daily Progress calls attention to a 6-point plan from the Pubic Interest Research Group to offset global warming.The newspaper says the stakes involved are at least as high as the Cold War crisis of the '60s in that we rely on energy sources subject to control by ...


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