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    NYC fleet adds 70 plug-in vehicles, including Chevy Volt cop cars

    As much as the average driver doesn't really have to worry about "range anxiety" during a normal driving day, we will grant you that an electric police car that could run out of juice during a car chase is a bad idea. That last scene in Blues Brothers wouldn't have been all that impressive and ...

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    Think announces all-electric City will be sold in New York

    Think City – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Later this year, Think will begin importing the all-electric City vehicle from Finland to sell in the U.S. By early next year, the first Citys made in the U.S. (in Elkhart, IN) will roll off the production line. Those two pieces of ...

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    New York City early adopter demand to far outstrip electric vehicle supply

    How much does learning about an electric vehicle (EV) change the chance that someone will want to buy an EV? According to a study conducted for the City of New York's comprehensive sustainability plan called PlaNYC, by 21 percent. Of course, they also found that 18 percent of the population wanted ...


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