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    Three federal electric vehicle incentives expiring at end of 2011

    2011 may have been the first full year that multiple mainstream plug-in vehicles were available in the U.S., but it will also be remembered – most likely – as the year when the U.S. federal government was offering the most money to plug-in vehicle buyers (based on the number and types ...

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    Grassroots goes big on National Plug In Day on Sunday, Oct. 16 *UPDATE

    With more plug-in vehicles on the road now than in January 2009, the upcoming First National Plug In Day parade in Santa Monica, CA will be around three times the size of the parade held to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama (pictured). That event saw around 70 plug-in vehicles, ...

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    Why GM's push to add plug-in hybrids to California's AB475 is causing problems

    Many California plug-in vehicle proponents have a love-hate relationship with GM, born out of the EV1 experience (see "Who Killed The Electric Car?" if this is news to you) and the trend continues with some disagreement over a bill (AB475) that will, if passed, amend Sections 22511 and 22511.5 of ...

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    Plug In America talks electric vehicles with the Air Force

    Plug In America's Kate Baker interviewed Lt. Col. Brian Rusler and veteran Tim Goodrich of the United States Air Force regarding the military branch's green energy plans. The Air Force has been employing electric vehicles as early as 1997 with the use of electric golf carts for personnel transport ...

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    Plug In America: "Plug-in vehicles of today are what cell phones were in 1987"

    For years, Plug In America's raison d'être was to get plug-in vehicles from major automakers on the road. Now that these vehicles are available, PIA is slightly shifting focus: to get more and better electric vehicles out there. To do this, it needs members. In the group's latest email ...

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    Video: How apartment dwellers can charge their electric vehicles

    Recently, we got an email from a reader named Bernadine asking about apartment dwellers charging their plug-in cars. She wrote:

    I would like to see Autoblog contact, address, and consider how would apartment dwellers fit in the scheme of things by the manufacturers of "green" vehicles. I am ...

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    Video: Plug In America's latest PSA pokes fun at endless gas engine maintenance costs

    Plug In America's "Clothes" PSA – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Plug In America's stated goal for its series of commercials – excuse us, "Public Service Announcements" – is to, "engage viewers through humor, then educate them about the benefits of plug-in vehicles." ...

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    Fabio schools Fox's hyper-skeptical Neil Cavuto on electric cars

    Plug In America's ad "Hype," which features beefcake Fabio, is making national headlines and the hunky book cover model appeared on Fox News with anchor Neil Cavuto to discuss the PSA and electromobility. As someone who never watches Fox News, it was a bit surprising to see an interviewer be this ...

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    Plug In America dishes out some beefcake with Fabio in latest electric vehicle PSA

    Plug In America's electric vehicle PSA with Fabio – Click above to watch video after the jump
    As promised, the latest PSA from Plug In America features a suave, reassuring electric vehicle proponent: Fabio. Following in the footsteps of the previous two PSAs, "Cell Phone" and "Ocean Crude," ...

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    Plug In America launches electric vehicle "accessories" page

    Yesterday, the Chevrolet Volt drove off with the 2011 Green Car of the Year Award at the LA Auto Show and, in some small way, rung in the start of the electric era. With the dominance of gasoline- and diesel-fueled rides ebbing bit by bit and plug-in vehicles slowly emerging, it's now time for some ...

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    Plug In America releases first of seven electric vehicle PSAs, Fabio's star turn is yet to come

    Plug In America's electric vehicle PSAs – Click above to watch videoes after the jump
    Can ten years of promoting electric cars be boiled down to 30 seconds? Plug In America would like to suggest that they can, especially if you really mean cramming them into seven 30-second ads (or, to use ...

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    Voting tomorrow? Here's where the incumbents stand on plug-in vehicles

    Plug In America member and author Sherry Boschert (she wrote Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that Will Recharge America) has put together a legislative scorecard for America's mid-term elections. The list is simply a recounting of how current members of Congress voted on bills that advanced plug-in ...

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    Plug In America turns five: Paul Scott looks back and ahead

    Plug In America has played a serious role in the re-emergence of the electric vehicle over the past – um, how long now? oh, yeah – five years. To celebrate, the "motley crew" of activists who were fed up with putting gasoline into their cars is holding a fifth anniversary party this ...

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    Electric vehicle advocate Paul Scott "intends to be the number one Leaf salesman in the world"

    For years, Paul Scott has been promoting electric vehicles (EVs) as a co-founder of Plug-In America, but he'll soon be promoting one EV a bit more than others in his new job as a Nissan Leaf salesman. Yes, after a private lunch with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn in June and discussions with his local ...

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    Long-range electric vehicle tricks for the early adopter: ask campgrounds the right question

    Electric vehicle (EV) advocate Chad Schwitters recently drove from Washington state down to San Diego, CA in his Tesla Roadster. This isn't exactly news, but when you get Plug In America to write up the journey, you can learn a thing or two from a trip like this. For example, PIA member Linda ...

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    Plug In America test drives the Chevy Volt *UPDATE

    Plug In America and the Chevy Volt – Click above to watch video after the jump
    What happens when members of Plug In America (PIA) spend some time with the Chevrolet Volt? The rest of us get to ride along in this relaxed video. One way you can tell PIA is more interested in the way the ...

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    Nissan gives Plug In America $25,000 grant for more education and outreach

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan North America has rewarded Plug In America (PIA) for its long effort pushing for more plug-in vehicles with a $25,000 grant. Hey, that's about how much a new Leaf will cost (after tax credits). PIA will not use the money to buy a ...

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    How do fluctuating gas prices compare to electricity costs?

    We expect the advocacy group Plug In America to constantly remind us of the benefits of plug-in vehicles. That's their reason for being, after all. Sometimes, impassioned pleas make a good argument; sometimes, taking a fresh look at what might be considered a boring topic does the trick. Plug In ...

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    Coda Sedan cruises the streets of San Francisco [w/video]

    Coda Sedan in San Francisco – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Coda Automotive still isn't letting outsiders drive the all-electric sedan that's due later this year, but the company is sending the EV out to interested parties to let them get a sneak peek. The car was at AltCar ...

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    Squaring off, again: plug-in advocates respond to anti-PHEV report

    Recently, a report came out of the National Academies of Science that declared the costs for plug-in hybrids were "likely to remain high" while the benefits would be "modest for decades." With such a tantalizing bit of contrarianism, how could it not make the pages of the New York Times? The ...


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