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    Read This: Consumer Reports finds plug-in retail experience underwhelming

    Walk into a traditional auto dealership today and ask about buying a plug-in car and there is a good chance you will be told that there are only a couple they can show you because they are extremely popular and they can't keep them on the lot. There is also an equally-good chance you'll be told ...

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    Report: BMW i3 with range extender is a different experience

    One of the more popular US college basketball cheers takes place when a visiting superstar player has a sub-par performance and the student section cheers "OVER-RATED" followed by a rhythmic five-clap. The concept has apparently made its way overseas to a UK journalist reviewing BMW's new i3 ...

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    Report: Tesla's Elon Musk: most new cars will be electric by 2032, no matter who's in White House

    Twenty years ago, Car and Drive wrote about "the emergence of the minivan as the new family car." If you believe Elon Musk, twenty years from now will be a lot more fun. Flush with the success of the first production Model S deliveries, the Tesla Motors founder said most new vehicles will be ...

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    Study: Even at today's prices, 20% of Canadians would save cash driving an EV

    What's the percentage of Canadian buyers that could benefit financially from choosing to go electric instead of relying on old internal combustion? Well, somewhere between 20 and 40 percent. According to the numbers presented by Matthew Stevens, head of automotive consulting firm CrossChasm ...

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    Study: Ownership costs for plug-in vehicles to drop significantly by 2030

    A UK analysis of total ownership costs for the cars of tomorrow found that low-carbon vehicles will make substantial progress in bridging the current cost gap, when compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars, by 2030. The big question is whether – or when – will advanced vehicles ...

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    DOE funds 16 projects to speed adoption of plug-in vehicles with $14.9 million

    The U.S. Department of Energy has announced its selection of 16 projects in 24 states supporting activities designed to accelerate the adoption of plug-in vehicles across the nation. Under the Clean Cities Initiative, the DOE awarded $8.5 million to 16 selected projects. According to the DOE, the ...

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    Report: Why 110-volt charging makes sense for some plug-in vehicle drivers

    This question should be on the FAQ for new plug-in vehicle owners: should I shell out $2,000 for a wall-mounted 240-volt charging station that can fully recharge my electrified vehicle in approximately eight hours, or will a much less costly 110-volt setup suffice? While there's no set-in-stone ...

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    Report: Magna, Ontario announce $408-million electric vehicle deal

    Magna International and the province of Ontario are set to announce a massive investment of more than C$400 million ($408 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) into research and development of electric vehicle technologies, according to The Globe and Mail. The move is thought to be part of ...

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    General Motors and LG Group to jointly develop future electric vehicles

    General Motors and LG Group (the massive South Korean conglomerate that owns LG Chem) will expand the batteries-for-vehicles relationship they've had for the past several years. LG supplies the cells used in the Chevrolet Volt's battery pack and also worked with GM on a demonstration fleet of ...

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    Opinion: Pike says cumulative plug-in vehicles sales will hit 5.2 million by 2017

    It's true that crystal balls that accurately forecast the future of plug-in vehicles don't exist, but for $2,800 you can buy a copy of a report that concludes with this bit of info: worldwide cumulative plug-in vehicle sales will reach 5.2 million units by 2017. Sure, 5.2 million units represent ...

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    Utility CEO: 170,000 electric vehicles wouldn't overload Portland's grid *UPDATE

    Portland, OR strives to be the U.S. hub for plug-in vehicles. What other city has dedicated an entire block to plug-in vehicle charging? During a ceremony on Tuesday, Portland mayor Sam Adams plugged in the first vehicle at "Electric Avenue" and dedicated the charger-lined street. On display for ...

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    Plug-in vehicle sales slip in UK

    2011 Nissan Leaf - Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to figures published by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Foundation, second quarter sales of plug-in vehicles in the UK slipped to just 215 units. That's down from the 465 plug-in vehicles sold in the UK during the first three ...

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    Real-world results from CABLED electric vehicle trial; 81% battery is important threshold

    Having collated and analyzed 12 months of data from electric vehicle drivers, CABLED – the UK's long-term, low-carbon vehicle trial – reveals that, among other findings, the "range of electric vehicles more than covers most users' needs, with most drivers finishing their daily ...

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    Hawaii now offering up to $4,500 rebate for plug-in vehicles

    Residents of Hawai'i have less than four months to take advantage of up to $4,500 in rebates for plug-in vehicles and $500 in incentives for the purchase and installation of a home or business charging system. The rebates, offered by the Hawai'i Electric Vehicle Ready Program and administered by ...

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    It's payback time from your "Cashback Car"

    Connected And Networked Electric Vehicles Have The Potential To Make EVs Viable Without Huge Incentives. The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they're just still too costly. And heavy. And large. When the electric vehicles (EVs) that those batteries are installed in are actually being ...

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    Secretary LaHood says plug-in vehicle point-of-purchase rebates could replace tax credits in 2012

    Back in February, President Obama proposed changing the credit for plug-in vehicles over to a point-of-purchase rebate, a move that would likely speed up the $7,500 payment. Under the proposal, dealers would reduce the sticker price of eligible plug-in vehicles and apply for reimbursement from ...

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    Energy Secretary Chu says $20,000, 350-mile electric vehicle possible by 2017

    Last Friday, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa celebrated the installation of Coulomb Technologies' 500th plug-in vehicle charging station. That's interesting in and of itself, but it was something Chu said that captured our attention. First, Chu opened ...

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    Michael Boxwell's The 2011 Electric Car Guide now available

    The 2011 Electric Car Guide, written by Michael Boxwell – a man with years of day-to-day experience behind the wheel of battery-powered vehicles – is now available for purchase in both eBook and paperback format. If you're new to plug-in vehicles, you've undoubtedly got questions ...

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    Survey says Canadians don't want electric cars unless...

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Three out of four Canadians don't want an electric vehicle (EV) unless it can be recharged in less than four hours and boasts a range of at least 298 miles, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte. Apparently, the fact that ...

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    NREL releases online case studies on electric vehicle deployment in U.S.

    Battery-powered vehicles haven't exactly taken over the automotive industry here in the States, but that hasn't prevented the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) from compiling enough data to string together a collection of case studies on electric ...


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