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    Plug In America fundraiser gathers together top EVs, money

    Last weekend, Plug In America celebrated its annual fundraiser at the Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA. The event was the perfect excuse to showcase a wide array of electron-powered vehicles: AC Propulsion's t-Zero, the Aptera 2e, the Tango, ten Tesla Roadsters, and a few suriviving Toyota ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: plug-in Prius with A123 Hymotion kit installed charity auction

    Want a 2009 Prius with a plug? It's available now, to the lucky winner of this auction on eBay. This particular vehicle was modded by the Green Car Company out in Bellevue, Washington and features A123's Hymotion plug-in hybrid kit already installed. That kit doesn't come cheap and this price of ...

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    Austin Alt Car: panel looks at the future of plug-in hybrids

    The last in our series of reports from the discussion panels from last week's Austin Alt Car expo focuses on the panel that had the broadest possible appeal: an overview of plug-in hybrids. Taking place on the Saturday, and therefore more accessible to the working public, the free-form panel ...

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    Plug In America gives a shout out to Nissan for EV work

    Try to list all of the stories we've had recently about Nissan's work to bring electric cars to the masses. It's hard, because there have been a lot of them, covering the company's efforts in Japan, Israel and the U.S., to name just a few. We're not the only ones who've noticed what Nissan (and ...

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    Plug-in America to Gov. Schwarzenegger: Revive the ZEV program

    Plug in America is calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to "live up to his vow to turn back the clock on pollution" by reviving the historic ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) program. How did they do it? The got people from 45 states and 13 countries, as well as few celebrities, to fax a letter to him ...

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    Finally, news from Monday's protest against Toyota

    When we spoke with Chelsea Sexton at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo over the weekend (the above video), she said her organization, Plug In America, and others (Rainforest Action Network and the Global Exchange) were going to be protesting Toyota on Monday. I've been watching the news reports since ...


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