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    Report: Scotland plans to go electric, ban gas-burners by 2050

    When the Scottish government says it wants to clean up the air in its cities, it's not just blowing smoke up your kilt. Aye, laddie – or lassie, as the case may be – a newly released plan, called Switched On Scotland: A Roadmap to Widespread Adoption of Plug-in Vehicles (PDF), ...

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    U.S. plug-in vehicle manufacturers, battery makers face serious export hurdles

    U.S.-based plug-in vehicle producers and battery makers are faced with a problem of epic proportions. A recent report released by the subscription news service ClimateWire suggests that U.S.-made electric cars – and the associated high-tech li-ion batteries produced on U.S. soil – face ...

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    Dark shadows loom over PHEVs as EVs capture all the rays

    Hyundai Blue-Will Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Aside from the Chevy Volt and the upcoming Toyota Prius PHEV, few plug-in hybrids (PHEV) make headlines. There could be a few reasons for this, but the likely culprit is the momentum being gained by electric vehicles. The EV ...

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    As promised, more on China's affection with plug-ins, 79 percent believe EVs wil dominate soon

    BYD E6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As we mentioned earlier this week, Chinese buyers are more likely to consider plug-in vehicles for their next purchase than any other surveyed nation. Here is some more info regarding the Chinese response to the survey conducted by Ernst & ...

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    Ford confirms hybrid and PHEV C-Max will be built in Spain

    2011 Ford C-Max – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford has just provided more details about its first European-market hybrid models. The company's plant in Valencia, Spain will be building both regular and plug-in hybrid versions of the new five-seat C-Max MPV starting in 2013. The ...

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    Beijing 2010: Geely Emgrand GT, plug-in hybrid coupe

    Geely Emgrand GT – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Geely Emgrand GT is another example of the automaker's apparent seriousness about being considered a top-flight player in the industry. This coupe features classic sports car proportions and, aside from the over-done grille, ...

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    Report: plug-in chargers could be a $11.75 billion market by 2015

    Forecasting the future is not always easy and, sometimes, far from accurate, but we like predictions because they usually give us some idea of what to expect as we move forward. In this instance, the predictions point to a world in which plug-in vehicle chargers are almost as common as gas ...

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    Pininfarina sets yearly target of 60,000 Bluecar EVs by 2016

    2008 Pininfarina B0 concept, the basis for the Bluecar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The infamous Italian design house Pininfarina is focusing a considerable amount of effort on electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, once a few existing design contracts come to an end soon, the ...

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    Can plug-in vehicles make any money before they become outmoded?

    Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Writing on the AltEnergyStocks site, John Peterson tries to make the case that plug-in vehicles are a bad investment for automakers and are unlikely to be profitable anytime in the foreseeable future, certainly not before they are ...

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    Mitsubishi aims for sub-$30,000 price tag on U.S. i-MiEV

    Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Nissan announced an almost unbelievably low price for its upcoming Leaf electric vehicle, one automaker was quick to respond. Mitsubishi immediately announced a $6,700 reduction of its i-MiEV electric vehicle in Japan and now ...

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    At Witz' End - It's the Battery, Stupid!

    Research study says EVs have a tough road ahead Those of us who love smooth, silent, energy-efficient volt-powered vehicles would love to see them capture a major share of new-car sales ASAP. Only one thing stands in the way: The battery. Lithium-ion batteries appear to be on track to power ...

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    U.S. Annual Energy Outlook predicts "alternative vehicles" won't top 50% market share in 2035

    Just because it's difficult to predict the future doesn't mean people won't try. See, for example, the CEO of Shell, who said last week that he expects plug-in vehicles to make up 40 percent of the new car market in 2050. The U.S. Energy Information Administration isn't looking that far ahead ...

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    USABC - GM, Chrysler, Ford - looking for help on four advanced automotive battery projects

    The United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), made up of Chrysler, Ford and GM, wants to hear proposals for new and better electric vehicle batteries. Through January 29th, the consortium will be accepting requests for proposal information (RFPIs) for four different projects: ...

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    Limited: What's the value of talking about "range anxiety" all the time?

    Here are three important facts about gasoline: It is available almost anywhere around the world it has tremendous energy content Using it the way we do creates a whole slew of negative environmental and political side effects It's hard to beat the first two items with a ...

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    Toyota starts discussions on who will get PHEV Priuses

    Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota is getting ready to start deploying a fleet of 200 plug-in Prius hybrids in the coming months and the company needs to figure out what to do with them. The cars will all be leased for purposes of field testing. ...

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    It's Friday: Swedish automatic PHEV charging prod gets a big WTF? from us [w/VIDEO]

    Trinnovator - Click above to watch the videos after the break
    Is it too harsh to say that the Trinnovator is a solution without a problem? At the very least, we don't think that a flexible, extendable prod coming out of the front bumper of a plug-in car and creepily finding its way into a grid of ...

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    Editorial: Henderson's fuel cell 10X cost comments are out of context

    The other day we reported on an interview with General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson published in the Washington Post. While most of the discussion focused on the bailout and bankruptcy, from the perspective of this site, the main items of interest were Henderson's responses to questions relating ...

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    Studies Say: a wrap up from the green car front: "Internalize the Externalities," more

    This is a particularly busy time for studies trying to understand the impact of green vehicles. Here's a quick round-up: Paul Scott writes that, for anyone to fairly compare driving plug-in vehicles and gasoline-powered ones, we need a better understanding of the "exernalities" of fossil fuels. ...

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    St. Petersburg to test 'plug-in' hybrid cars in green partnership

    Click the plug-in hybrid Escape for a high res gallery
    The city of St. Petersburg, Florida isn't part of Ford's plug-in hybrid test program but it will soon be testing a PHEV Escape anyway. Progress Energy will be partnering with the Florida city to convert one of the 14 Escape hybrids in the city ...

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    Nancy Gioia explains why Ford isn't doing an ER-EV

    Click the plug-in hybrid Escape for a high res gallery
    So far, the market for extended range electric vehicles in North America seems to be the exclusive province of General Motors, Chrysler and Fisker with Ford sticking to the parallel hybrid route - both with and without plugs. It's not that ...


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