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    Official: Epic Electric American Road Trip goes 12,000 miles on EV power

    Twenty-seven states. 12,000 miles. Zero gasoline. Those are the headline numbers for the "Epic Electric American Road Trip" that ended in Venica, CA today, just in time for Earth Day. Norman Hajjar, the managing director of Recargo's driver research division, PlugInsights, made the journey in a ...

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    Official: Via Motors plugs into Recargo's Plugshare charging app

    Recargo, Inc., and Via Motors have made an agreement to simplify the charging process for drivers of plug-in hybrid electric trucks and vans. At the Detroit Auto Show this week, the two companies announced an agreement to add Recargo's Plugshare charging station finder in Via's in-dash EV ...

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    Official: Pay With PlugShare could make charging an EV even easier

    As easy as recharging an electric car is, we admit it's not hassle free - and we're not even talking about those somewhat annoying wires that will be alleviated when wireless charging gets more common. No, the issue at hand is the variety of charging station company networks and the need, in some ...

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    Official: PlugScore lets you rate the awesomeness, or not, of charging stations

    For those of you who may have face-planted from a stray cord at a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging station, you'll now have a place to air your grievances. As if the plug-in vehicle driving contingent wasn't Yelped-up enough, folks can now "rate" their local charging station. Los ...

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    Official: Recargo, Xatori merge in one giant assist for plug-in vehicle drivers

    Two companies have announced a merger that should assist plug-in electric vehicle drivers around the US. EV mobile application developer Recargo, Inc., is merging with Xatori, Inc., creator of the popular PlugShare charging station finder. Both companies have seen membership double this year, as ...

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    PlugShare finds most EV drivers go 1,050 miles on $30/month

    The average EV user drives 1,050 miles per month and spends around $30 dollars in charging costs, saves around $75 per month in fuel costs and sheds 360 pounds of CO2 emissions compared to "regular" drivers. Want to know the top three electric vehicle-ready cities in North America? Portland, ...

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    Video: Green Overdrive tries the 2012 Mitsubishi i in San Francisco

    While we've already driven the 2012 Mitsubishi i and shared both its vital statistics and our impressions, we thought you might appreciate a second opinion. The video series Green Overdrive offers just that. With Katie Fehrenbacher behind the wheel, the crew spent a day with the all-electric, ...

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    Report: PlugShare, Getaround offer special deal to select electric vehicle drivers

    Xatori, maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, is offering a special deal related to its flagship app, PlugShare. Xatori and peer-to-peer firm Getaround have teamed up to reward select PlugShare users $50 for sharing their plug-in vehicles on Getaround's marketplace. The PlugShare ...

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    PlugShare app is nation's most extensive electric vehicle charging network

    Xatori Inc., maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, announced that its flagship app, PlugShare, is now the U.S.' most extensive plug-in vehicle charging network. How can an app be considered a charging network? Well, here's how Xatori explains its wild claim:

    With over 12,000 ...

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    PlugShare is a free social-networking EV-charging app [w/VIDEO]

    PlugShare, a phone app for EV charging – Click above to watch video
    Range anxiety sufferers rejoice! If you've ever worried about running out of juice in your electric vehicle (EV) or are perhaps putting off even buying an all-electric because of the nascent state of the charging ...


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