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pml flightlink f150

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    New information on the electric Ford F-150 Hi-Pa coming to SEMA

    Click for a gallery of the Hi-Pa F-150
    When it comes to all things pickup truck related, Mike Levine is the go-to guy. Mike has been continuing to investigate the back story on the PML F-150 Hi-Pa that will making its debut at the SEMA Show next week. It turns out that PML didn't build this truck ...

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    SEMA 2008 Preview: PML Flightlink to show Ford F-150 PHEV

    PML Flightlink, makers of the 640-horsepower electric MINI from 2006, is headed to SEMA this year with a new concept vehicle to display. Based on a full-size Ford pickup truck, it would be hard to come up with a platform further from the MINI that the company originally used. Still, the concept ...


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